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5 Tips to self-market your self-published book from FastPencil

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I'm here from FastPencil, the fastest, easiest way to write and publish your book. We've joined the forum to share information that we hope is helpful for marketing your books, starting with the tips below. For additional tips and resources, please visit our blog at


5 Tips to self-market your self-published book

  1. Build a readership before publishing. Before completing your book, set up a Facebook page, blog or newsletter and send it to those close to you like family, friends and even your writing group and any other organization you’re part of. Now, when you’re completing your book, bring your followers along for the ride by giving them sneak peeks of your work, soliciting feedback and showing potential cover designs. Even better, get them involved by asking them what they think your characters should do next!
  2. Get social. While having your own social media accounts, blog, and/or website for your books is important, don't forget to get out there and interact with your new online community. Commenting on, replying to and engaging with other authors and bloggers or on relevant websites will help put your name out there and drive traffic back to your site.
  3. Word of mouth. Don’t be shy- talk about your book! Tell people that you’ve written something that you’re passionate about and ask if you can share it with them. Be careful not to be pushy, but if the moment seems right, mention your book! You never know who your biggest fan will be- it could be your hair stylist, doctor, someone you've met at a cocktail party…anyone!
  4. Get your book reviewed. You don’t have to be a bestselling author to get your book reviewed. Start small and ask your friends to chat about it in book clubs, online or via their social media pages. Next, send your book to your local newspaper for a review; then aim for book bloggers and online retailers such as Amazon.
  5. Take advantage of free tools. You’d be surprised with how many free online tools there are to help readers quickly find and purchase your book. Many self-publishing companies have these tools readily available on their platform. For instance, FastPencil has a BookBuy Page, which offers authors a unique URL web page to hosts their published book, book preview and purchase information, making it a one-stop-shop for potential buyers.

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