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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Maybe Superman traveled forwards instead of backwards. Often I find that people who are very strong in one area (like super-human strength) are beset by problems in other areas (like directionally challenged).
Radio works for only certain authors. National TV can make or break a book but is hard to get. For most authors, personal appearances and Internet marketing are the two biggest things.

In Internet marketing, the key is to create relationships with top active websites where your audience is already visiting on a regular basis.

John Kremer,

You and others mention sending out review copies as a primary method of getting the word out. As you said in 1001 Ways...:

“Send out review copies. Send out lots of them. Send out more than you think you should. Hit every major newspaper and magazine which you think might be at all interested in the subject of your book. In most cases this means sending out somewhere between 300 and 500 review copies. ... Even at a conservative estimate, you’ll receive 200 orders for every 100 copies you send out. That’s cheap advertising.”

So I've sent out about 300 over the past year and it seems to work for me. I find high ranking, high traffic sites and publications, comment on their posts, linking back to my press page, ask the administrators/editors if they'd like a copy for review, etc.

My question is, if you've got a topic like mine - personal finance - which has thousands of organizations, blogs, websites, newsletters, dedicated to it, not to mention all the publications on home schooling, raising kids, etc. that "personal finance" relates to...shouldn't I just keep on sending out copies as long as there are significant publications that have a good chance of reviewing or mentioning it? In my case, that may be 5,000 copies over a period of years.

Nobody seems to care that it was published a year ago (no longer a "new" book).
That's excellent, really. I wish you continued success, and I would agree, that is cheap advertising. Congrats.

- Jay
Yes, sending out review copies is still one of the least expensive ways to promote your book.

But, you might try something even less expensive. Send out a press release promoting a free excerpt of your book. Or a free report featuring 10 ways to save money during the summer. Or a new website posting featuring 10 ways to save money during the summer.
Good ideas! Thanks!

- Jay
Don't feel bad, my life has been going backward for a long time and I enjoy it. Babies and me have one thing in common, we crawl backwards before we can walk. And, don't feel bad because you days are getting shorter, so is my whole life. Now, that's a problem.
Marketing. I have found that the 'best seller' could be the worst written, if it is marketed properly. Unfortunatly, that also applies to a well written story. Go figure.

Social media is the answer. My book, Become Your Boss Own in 12 Months, came out this week and its selling. I am working my butt off, but my social media platform is doing the half the work for me. I am getting many offers to do interviews and from people who want to do reviews. Work your network through blogging and article marketing. Also connect with groups on LinkedIn about your topic.

Melinda Emerson

Can you tell us more specifically what's working for you with social media? How are you doing "article marketing?" Do you send articles to free article sites? Which ones? Are people primarily coming to your blog, or do you comment on others' blogs, pointing them back to you?

We're all about finding out what's working!

I got on Twitter 14 months before my book launch, 4 times a day for six months M-F I tweeted two small business items and two personal items. I also answering any questions about small business that people asked.

4 months after than I launched a Twitter chat for small business owners called #smallbizchat.

I also started leaving comments on other blogs and retweeting other people's stuff.

6 months after coming to Twitter I launched my blog which I post on twice a week on Monday and Thursday.

I also started using article marketing sites there are 3 I use.

I also started cultivating bloggers by checking out their work leaving comments and inviting them to be guests on my Tweetchat.

I am a social media strategist and I am giving away info that I charge much money for, so I will start you off with that to chew on.

Good Luck--


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