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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Wow, nice what time is coffee?
Although you may not be buying groceries with the sales of your books you are changing lives--one at a time. Good luck with the Sony deal.
Cracking my niche. My book is unique - the marriages of the Bible, which is a unique approach to strengthening marriages. The challenge thus far is to position my marketing to break it out as a different book with different solutions to common problems. I think the endorsement solution might just be the trick
When I was sixteen or eighteen I read the Bible and really liked the idea of having six wives. Well now that I am almost eighty, I think half a wife would be enough.
Dr M
That is exactly my challenge - when you think marriages of the Bible people tend to think of all the negative connotations (although your 6 wives comment was pretty funny). There really is alot to learn from those marriages even though they are culturally far from where we are today.
I do a lot of browsing when time permits.

I found this to be a very lengthy but informative article.
Fascinating article. I will definintely compare them with the company I have been using for my next book. As a side note, I have bought a book that Createspace published and looked at the quality of it. I thought it was excellent.
Many thanks for the link. It was very, very helpful.
Hello, getting a book published for a newbie author is a big challenge. Once the book is published, book marketing is another biggest challenge faced by the newbie authors.
Good morning Lorilyn
and a comment for Michelle

It is more difficult to sell our books than it is to write them and this is verifiable by the ratio of authors to books sold. Now having said that and I hope this is not the case with you, but the fact remains, there are a lot of authors. What is important is that your book dollars will keep coming back as long as you or anyone else promote it. In other words, the expense up front today, may result in an income for life, not only your time on earth, but to those that inherit your book rights.

Second to that is the good we can do for mankind and old planet earth by writing good, dependable and productive information for the good of us all.

I have an in house editor, my daughter, who has brought into the business one more editor by marriage to another wonderful English major. I began writing long ago for a purpose and that was to give my daughter skills in writing and promote her interest in English as a career. Thus the little things I used to write to my six year old has grown into the things I write today and she edits. We did an analysis of just our current books over the past three years and our total cash invested not including office space, equipment and material comes to about $16,000. I could have used that same about of money to buy stocks, bonds or horses for investments. I think the investment in my daughter, her education and the long lasting benefits of the books are well worth the investment.

Keep doing what you love and what you love will keep doing for you.

I hope that is a new quote.
Dr Robert E McGinnis
I am enclosing a picture of two of my fans along with their father who drop by my house every year to fish in my lake and read from our library. (someday I will add a picture of my library) They drive six hundred miles every year. I met the father when he was my student many years ago.

Thanks, Dr McGinnis. I am learning and have much more to learn.
At this point, I have a contract in my hand from Otherworld Publications. My thing now is that getting the contract looked at for anything that is suspicious or things I need to be aware of in the contract, but from what I've seen and my friend has seconded it, is that it looks to be a fair contract granted that this company has only been in business for a year or so. They have published to this point about five or six novels though. Any thoughts would help an author looking to make a voice for himself.


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