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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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I recently wrote a chapter on choosing a publisher for my upcoming book marketing book. Would you like a free digital copy to look over? Some authors like going through a subsidy press, of which Otherworld seems to be one. Other authors like to skip the middle man and go straight to CreateSpace (for authors) or Lightning Source (for publishers). I try to list the pros and cons and what to watch out for.

Just let me know if you want me to e-mail it to you.
Steve, that would be great. My friend has looked at the contract that I have, but I would love to get a second opinion on it. The company does not offer cash advances in order to pay the author higher royalties. There is also no cost up front to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Finding the right marketing platform is my problem. I've been running ads on Facebook. Google is slow on approval. It's not easy to come up with the right words, marketing material, in order to get the clicks I need. My novel, "Two Kinds of Color," does sell but not fast enough. My kindle reviews are all five star. I know there is an audience, but, how does on reach them? My book crosses over to different races of people. I'm looking forward to your reply.

Always best regards,
Deborah Kennedy
My biggest challenge! My biggest challenge with my book is having to typeset it with Tex/Latex software (used for typeset mathematical and scientific documents, usually found in academic environments) and then to convert it to Microsoft Word (no publisher will be able to open the document). The conversion did not turn out well and I had to go back and work on both the inline and displayed equations.

NB: Inline equations are those that that are found within the text while displayed equations are those that stand by themselves.

Now to indexing. A lot of problems. I am still working on it.

File Formats
Due to software incompatibility issues, I have to jump from one file format to another.

Now when it was time for me to send the entire manuscript to my editor, the attachment was not successful because the file was saved in RFT format. I have to finally save it as a Word 1997-2003 document.
Today it's regional newspapers that don't want to give you the time of day, let alone the publicity!
If a newspaper gave every author in the region a paragraph of space there wouldn't be room in the paper for anything else. There are so many authors today with an easy access to writing, printing and publishing, we are many. Newspapers are going out of business, losing money and have been hit hard by the same technology that makes us ubiquitous authors. I grant you that good authors are as rare today as they were in the days of Ben Franklin and Mark Twain, but authors much better than me are selling their wares from every computer corner of the world. It's a new game. I look for and maintain a following of familiar readers who like my work and look forward to hearing from me, not reading about me in the newspaper. Good luck, search for a niche, develop a following and lead a mighty army of readers. It's not easy, don't ask me how, but don't become discouraged if you believe in what you do. If you believe in yourself, sooner or later, others will too.
Dr M

All books are in paperback, ebooks are noted with more coming soon as I can get them converted.
Books by Dr Robert E McGinnis
(the first book is not in a series)
In Search Of Paradise fourth edition (April 2010) Inspirational book in the fourth edition

The Paradise series in this order. (all in paperback & Ebooks)

A Beckoning From Paradise (2008) (EBOOK) and paperback
Secrets Of Paradise (2008) (EBOOK) and paperback
Paradise Is Where You Find It (2009) (EBOOK) and paperback
Paradise Grows (2009) (EBOOK) and paperback
Raised In Paradise (2009) to be (EBOOK) and paperback now

Second Series called The Little Eagle Series (all paperback for now)
Indian Summer April (2010)
Christmas With Little Eagle August (2010)
Little Eagle Saves A Spy October (2010)
The Golden Cross November (2010)
White Panther's Legacy December (2010)

Third Series, The White Panther Series (all written and awaiting edit, proof and final) Complete set expected out by 2011 but we are saying 2012 to be safe. O'Bannon Castle is out and ready for purchase.
O'Bannon Castle Published in e-book and paperback June (2010) (EBOOK)
The following will be available in (2012)
A Spy Saves Little Eagle (2012)
Upholding Family Traditions
White Panther Returns
Steam Valley or alternate title Paradise Valley
(With more to come.)
Dr. McGinnis, you are an inspiration. By the way, the person who does your bookcovers, are they available for hire?
The only two covers we have done outright are the one you see in my avatar here which is our front yard and the O'Bannon Castle which has the true O'Bannon Castle (our picture) imposed over my tool shed across our lake.

The first five were all designed by our publisher with input from us as to what we wanted and how we wanted it.

The second five are all created from a blank pattern background with us changing the background color of each book and only changing the title and back of the book information.

My daughter would be glad to do one for you for free if she has time, just as an example of what she does. Only two of my books has her listed as the cover designer.

I will send you be separate email with some of her Photoshop work.
This - 'what is the biggest challenge marketing and selling books' was not the topic.
But, in the first page you replied 'Celina Summers' that 'I was thinking in terms of the biggest challenge marketing and selling books.'
She was right in her point and to the topic.

If I have to answer that reply, let me say, but the first biggest challenge in marketing and selling books is to write what the people need and want.

Mostly one will sell his book to those who need or want the book.
Don't be disheartened.
Everything can be sold. Every book has it's own audience. We just have to prepare well and then market, market market, so that, it reach the right person.
Selling books!
Hi friend,

May be you are new author and the book is your first book. Is it?
May be there is so many book like it, or may be because there is current best selling book which is like it, and if there is - I believe people will chose the best selling than the less selling book.

What do you mean by 'That book was not even what I thought was my best.'
Write the best of you and the best of things. And, let Nature decide as you work hard to achieve your goal.

'Don't be discouraged by anything. You get nothing from it, but side effect.'
'Make your heart strong, keep your mind in equilibrium. That is how courage is sustained.'

The book is not your goal. 'You know your goal, if you don't, seek your goal.'
'Shoot another missile if the missile did not break the pot. And, another and another until the pot is broken.'

I suggest, distributing the book in ebooks to make audience and pave way for you and your current but, and even for your coming books, if there are any book coming. And, if that is working, I believe, it will even bring more sells to your current book.

People usually mention, refer, or spread what they like by words of mouth or etc.


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