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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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I can see your challenge.

Your book cover doesn't do the job of selling your book like it should.

Nor does your sales material, at least at the link. You are fighting too hard upfront. Start with a more gentle lead-in. E.g. - Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the star of David? Or why the cross was so important in early Christianity?

Something like that. Get people curious. Then put the stake through their heart :))
Dear Theresa,
Your post gave me a good giggle. It is amazing how much time promoting and marketing takes. I had no idea! I'm a homeschooler, a business owner, an author, and I have an 11 month old baby. I completely understand your spinning plates analogy - funny. I'm doing that too, but with very blood shot eyes!!
Right now my biggest challenge is getting my publisher to print my book. Apparantly they have changed printing companies and I have waited more than 3 months for orders I have made - over 500 dollars worth actually. I have 3 book signings yet this year and 3 tentative signings. Very frustrating.
What does your contract read like? Do you have any power to change publishers, or at least put out an ebook edition? Ebooks could at least supply your audience until your publisher gets its act together.
Fortunately, my publisher has just contacted me today and my books will be on my doorstep next week...YAY! I was worried about having to cancel signing dates. I am unable to change publishers, although I may be able to do an ebook; however, my book is a children's book. I'm slightly old fashioned in that I like a good hardcover for kids. Thanks for writing to me. I'm new here and just learning to navigate around.
Hello Annie,

Forgive me for buting into your converasation, but I noticed you seem to be having some trouble with your Publisher/ Printer. I work with a number of small publishers by printing their books in our factory located in Shenzhen in China. We recently printed 1000 childrens books (40 pages, 8.5 x 11 4-color thourought) for $2.88 ea
We understand that a missed book signing could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars
We handle the project from reciept of art files to delivery at your door (On time)
check us out when you get a chance , we are working with another Autism Awarness foundation in Spokane, Wa. you may want to network with.
Carl Carter
Crown Media & Printing, Inc
Dear Carl,
Thank you for responding. My publisher did come through in a big way for me, so that issue is resolved. I also have a contract with them, a second contract for my next book is already signed as well. But, my third book is still in the works ( a three part set). Is this a traditional publishing company you are talking about or a printing company? Also, very interested in networking with the Autism Awareness foundation in Washington you mentioned. My daughter is autistic, my illustrator has 2 autistic brothers and ironically enough her family lives in Washington State. My website is
The biggest challenge is promoting and selling. Joyce
Writing becomes second nature after a while so I only consider it an enjoyable challenge. For me it has to be promoting and I don't mean to fellow writers- that is easy we are all in the same boat- I mean to the public at large. How does one get known by those outside of our own circle? That to me is the hardest and greatest challenge.
im having trouble promoting my book because i dont have the money to hire someone or to promote it better. Also in the process of starting a new book but not sure where to start its going to be a crime thriller.
If you hire someone to promote your book you really need some good advice in that area. There are so many promotion scams in this business that you just wouldn't believe it. Better find a few people on these pages that will advise you as to what works for them. Promotion is a business and the cost doesn't always justify the results. Keep tabs on what works for your friends here and see if any of them can give you some tips before you invest. There are many good sites that will promote your book for free. I personally like
for one. We all have blogs, pages and share information to help other authors, don't give up the ship while it is still floating. We don't want your money, we just would like to see you make a success with your book. It is wise to have several trusted people evaluate what you have to offer. There are books and there are books and some or great and some are not so great. Not so great books take a great deal of work to sell. Great books take time, but little by little the sales grow until the sales reach a fever pitch and that is what we all look for. Good luck.
thanks i will check it out



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