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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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I have been working on a follow up book to the "Our Explosive Sun" published by Spinger. My new book is soon coming out and its is called: "The Northern Lights - a Guide".

It is published in English but by a Norwegian Publisher. I guess to e..g. sell the book in US I need to find a US publisher etc.. Or, since my Norwegian publisher also sell books via Amazon, maybe I might as well juts let the book be available there?

Or how do Amazon do about printing the book and shipping. Shipping them from Norway to US would be to expensive I guess..


So I am quite happy and excited. Now I need to promote it well. Suggestions are welcome.

I also have this self marketing problem.  I've posted adds for my book just about everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , Mobileread, Goodreads etc.  On Kindle I had 920 "hits" but only 4 actual sales.  On Kobo I had one sale with a 5 star rating so the book can't be that bad.  The Waters of Africa was first published on Kindle and Smashwords way back in April/June 2012.  Amazon gave me NO feedback on how many times my book was viewed or anything else.

Most of the people who come to this site are looking for the same answers to the questions that you've asked. If you are lucky or possibly have the latest buzz book, then your immediate sales are secure. Things will happen really fast. I for one am not in that catagory and am gathering tidbits for a road map to my readers and so far the pickings have been small. So I wish you the very best of luck in your searching. Richard

My first biggest challenge was writing, then my second was publishing, then some time back my third was marketing. After much valiant effort I came to understand a totally different animal – a cliff, no, more like a brick wall. No that’s not accurate either because this thing (marketing) consumed way too much time, calculated effort, and money, which had little effect. All that I put into this thing called "marketing" quickly disappeared - vanished. Eventually the title THE VOID stuck. But then that’s just me, I can see that others are not having the same problem I'm having - THE MARKETING VOID.

My new book about the Northern lights comes out in two weeks published in English by a Norwegian publisher. There is already a great interest from people in the US after I have presented the book as part of my lecture series in the USA. Thus, we are looking into ways of letting people buy the book online from a US distributor. Amazon is one option - but I am not sure how they work, what charges they have and how royalty is handled. I heard that they print their own copies - thus now books need to be shipped from Norway to a warehouse in US. Are there other options we should consider?

More about the book here English

for me its getting the right publishing company to  take you seriously. so many good books dont get published and a lot of not so interesting book do get published. hope i did not step on someones toes. The marketing for the book is very difficult also because the small publishers require that you do it yourself. that can be a lot of money, a scarce thing nowadays.  I thought about paying for a press kit.  let me know what you think and if you know of any press kits reletively cheap.  I can get a two week book tour for 250.00 and a 20% discount. is that a good deal?

Discipline! I know I have a habit of finding something else to do when I should be putting pen to paper. I have covered a great deal of research for my next novel, but I still haven't got to grips with it. I have written about 30,000 words but have reached the decision to bin them and start all over again. This MS is destined for my publisher because I have a contract, but there's no pressure on me, only the kind of pressure I should be applying myself. Oh, and another challenge is to figure out how the book will end!

I find that even if I'm doing something else my mind may be working to solve a problem I'm having with a story. Maybe you need to put the book aside for a while and work on something else, coming back when you are fresh. Just a thought, Beryl

This may sound  absurd, but I have trouble interacting with LinkedIn groups that purport to be "professional writers" who clearly are not. A woman began a perfectly legitimate discussion by saying she'd gotten a 1 star review and believed it was someone she knew, backstabbing her work. What followed were for the most part truly (in my opinion) stupid comments. One man said he'd written several  5-star reviews of HIS OWN BOOK and posted them on amazon, but please don't tell them, tee-hee. Another said she should be glad for the 1-star review because some people buy books that get negative reviews just to see if they're really that bad. ?? Another man begged for any kind of a review for his book, good or bad.

When I commented that this sort of reaction was, well, unprofessional, people got huffy and told me to "lighten up."

I will never do a review on my own book "The Waters of Africa" and was pleased to get a 5star review from one of my only two sales at Kobo.  I did'nt even know that you can do a review on your own book.

Just to let you know that, as soon as my Kindle is charged, I will up-load your book.  I have spent a lot of time in Africa (born in SA).  Here is a link to some of my sketches - there are loads more.

You may find this link helpful.  There are several others on the same site, including how to react to reviews (but not necessarily book reviews).


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