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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Thanks for sharing. You know you can also upload the video here at this network.

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Right now the challenge I face is finding good information on the web.  Many websites are selling something. Many websites I feel like I'm just getting lost in a sea of writers.  Some good ones I've found are Booksie, Bookdaily, Public Bookshelf.


My biggest challenge is learning about forums, groups, twitter, blogs, it goes on. But I'm learning. I tried a chat room and that was crazy. Unless I was in the wrong type of chat room. But, I'm having fun learning. Takes time.


That's been my biggest challenge as well; I have to find ways to reach the target audience and not just other writers :) Also, keeping up with it all is a real pain.

You might want to look into my Relationships Matter Marketing Course. It's all about reaching target audiences through top-ranked, targeted websites and blogs.

You can find out more here:

John Kremer

I am new to the indie publishing world. I have published six books with traditional publishers and let them do all the work of marketing. Now that it is up to me I am wondering how to find readers. I have just published with Kindle a single volume, three-novel ebook, Shinny's Girls, the Trilogy. It is literary fiction, two of the novels were previously published. It concerns a single mother and her family of three daughters from three different fathers over a period of about 20 years, and reveals a history of the times from this unique point of view. Set primarily in Vancouver, BC, locations expand as the girls leave home. One, a musician, lives in Italy and New York, another on a goat farm in Northern California.

I see the problem my former publishers had in finding the right target for what is general literary fiction.


Writing is the best thing in the world, 20 years of writing (poetry/plays and now novels) and despite the shift from print to E-publishing the biggest pain for a writer is still the same ... GETTING READ, it's now easier to get your work out-there, on the internet, but there's many many more 'writers' then there was 20 years ago.  The struggle continues .... (but I love it)


I'm not really a writer, but have tried to write a memoir, my biggest challege was finding a writer to help co-write edit and help get published. The monies involved in all this plus cover artists. i found a way to help me get some needed money. Please check out the link below. If other authors need extra cash for a project they could also sent up an account at kickstarter also.

Let us know if the Kickstarter campaign works for you.

The biggest challenge is to reach the target market. Despite of being confident in taking trouble to create unique book, the difficulty is to get out in market and make people see the excellent book , and make it easy  for them to buy.

There is knowledge overload and information is showered from all sides. No body wants more, what is optimal ??

Throwing money for some one to market your book is easy if you are willing to take risk with the little money you have, but often it is opposite..

Don't throw money at book marketing. Instead, create some effective relationships with people, blogs, and websites already targeting the audience you want to reach.

Offer to write a guest post. Offer to interview them in a podcast, Hangout, or teleseminar. Ask to be interviewed in return. Offer an excerpt from your book. Do a Q&A column for that website on your special topic. There are many ways to create effective relationships.



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