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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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The best marketing I have ever managed is a paid ad on - they take a cut of all sales that come through their site. The first time I did it I sold 200 and some and paid 20$ something and this last time i sold 138 and have not got an invoice yet. But you have to have 10 reviews, have your book at .99 and I think a 4 star rating to "qualify" and sadly the sales only last (for me anyway) the day the add runs and then they drop back to normal and I don't know if they translate into sales of my other books (in other words last time at least it wasn't a big enough boost for me to go "AHA!" about, but then it takes people time to get around to that bargain book, if they ever do). But then I have a hard series to sell because it's paranormal and romance and horror in one - lots of gore, so many of the romance fans are turned off, lots of vampires so many of the horror fans are turned off, and enough sappy romance to make the rest of the horror readers walk away... so that makes a huge difference than a more sale-able genre/book would.

Wow, Joleene!

I am certainly learning a lot through your experiences.

I thought you had that precarious balance of elements well in hand :-)

It is what made your book(s) unique.

I am looking forward to reading the other ones in your series.

To all fans of horror and supernatural thrillers out there-please check out Ms. Naylor's Amaranthine series!

Joleene, I am sure your newest book launch will be a success :-)

Well thanks! I have to say I am enjoying yours, too - sent you some notes, though need to get to bed (still up from yesterday ha!) 

I hope the launch goes well. I paid someone to do part of my blog tour and she's disappeared so now I have to find people to host me myself at the last minute. AHHHHH!!

You've inspired me. Think I am going go out and market more.  Weather is finally warming up too, which kind of hindered my going out to book stores and other sites.

My book is a little complex too. Its a paranormal romance with angels...okay maybe its just complex to me due to my strict religious background I grew up in, but I digress. Ah well, thanks for the inspiration!

Janis if you need a spot let me know. I also write paranormal and offer character interviews on my blog . the details are at there's a link in the sidebar a little way down that leads to the interview questions. I also host excerpts.

Filled it out. That was fun!  Thank you so much! Thank you so much for you words as well. It made me feel good to know fellow writers have the same feelings and fears that I am feeling as well. United we stand tall!

Oh! and I stumbled upon, tweeted and pinned you book series to all my fans and followers.

Good stuff!

Thanks so much! And got it :) Will get that set up and Scheduled for April 6th :)

That offer extends to anyone by the way.

Biggest challenge came because I did not know how to self publish a book until I heard of create space, then I all the legal issues attached to a legal fiction. But the worst is the fear of being laughed at!

I still have that fear - I am getting ready for a book release next Saturday and it's nail biting "oh my gosh, no one will like it! everyone will hate it" time! 

Good should be fine. I will be honored to read it.

This is mine


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