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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Writing for me is easy; publishing is not, as evidenced by my woeful lack of sales.

Oh well, it's a good thing that I don't have to write for a living.

The biggest challenge will be getting more people to know about your book. Here's a new way to get your book trailer seen for FREE!

Money is supposed to flow to the author, not from the author. Regardless of the free offer - money is wanted from the author after a period of time. I will never pay anyone to hawk my screeds; if they cannot stand on their own merit, then they shouldn't have been written anyway.

Troubles? Well, where to start?

First, since I'm an absolute maniac, I decided to write a fantasy book in English, even though I'm Portuguese, never travelled out of my country and my English, other the taught in high school, is self taught.

Second, I am pushing to become a writer against the wishes of my parents, who feed me, clothe me and shelter me, which made me write in secret and mostly wreck my academic education because I’m much too addicted in literature. That and I’m too stubborn to admit to my parents that I’m wrong and that I can’t become a writer.

Third, I think I write too much. My first book which I’m trying to publish with the help of Kickstart is roughly 160k words. The second and third books (yes, I’m trying to publish the first book, the other two are mostly done) are roughly 190k and 200k words. And yet, I read the damnable thing and think it’s just the right size!

Fourth, lack of support. I don’t have credible reviews. Most my personal friends aren’t proficient in English and those who are don’t like to read. I only have my opinion to guide me. And that’s a bit tricky, because perspective is very important in plotting a story. Self-doubt sort of festers if unattended. Plus, it’s a bit lonely. =(

I suppose this is the part where I start singing “All by myself”

I'll say one thing - your English is damn good. I pound out lengthy screeds myself - then I edit the hell out of them. The first draft of Dark Resurrection was over 250,000 words long - so I split it and edited it into two books. One is on Amazon, wasting time and space, the other is languishing on a CD ROM somewhere.

I'm sorry, I had to laugh at the "wasting time and space". I'm very happy that you find me proficient in English. Incurring the possibility that this may change your mind regarding the quality of my speech, check out the first pages of my book. I'm currently promoting it on kickstart, but since it's likely that it will fail I'll have to add it to Amazon, to contribute to the "time and space" wastage.

Amazon certainly seems to be a waste of time, at least for me; it's a good thing that I don't have to write for a living. I've moved a grand total of two copies of my book since 2012.

I perused a few pages of your book, the English and grammar are acceptable. I would recommend some editing/rewrite with regard to dialogue between characters; in English, the word "said" is often the best word to employ, especially in anything longer than a short story. I learned that lesson the hard way on forums years ago while writing Dark Resurrection. Some of the people were not only critical of my work, which I definitely needed and appreciated, but downright rude, one individual resorting to puerile name calling. There is a big difference between constructive criticism and critique laced with ad hominem insult.

That said, I am still impressed by your command of the English language.

E.G. Manetti is having a book signing event this weekend. As I am sure this is her current biggest challenge, I invite you all to lend some words of encouragement and perhaps help get the word out.

My challenge of late is Marketing. I struggled through Writing, then Publishing to introduce my book and now the Marketing seems to have consumed all my  focus. Nonetheless, however mysterious my experiences, I kept coming up with new ways to inch ahead. On a recent trip out of town, I took a copy of my Novel into a small library I discovered in a popular coastal town. My objective was to come away with just  one idea to put into my bag of ideas for Marketing. Well, it worked! I found out I had no selling procedure of my own to argue with. "Would you consider putting my book in your library?"  I said after presenting the book. The head Librarian seemed to be accustom to people like me as was demonstrated by the immediate statement, "We only accept books approved by the library association.... Have you considered promoting your book?" I held back on my side hoping to draw on years of their experience. As you can imagine that ended the encounter and afterwards I walked the well maintained building trying to absorb more knowledge. Basic and ancient were the two words I walked away with. There was nothing new in the library and all the books liked old. If I had any chance of putting my book on any Library's shelf, I had to have a Customized Procedure. So now I'm developing that Procedure and looking forward to another Head Librarian encounter. 

That's the first step in marketing a book once a book is published: Ask questions of those in a position to buy your book or help you market your book. A great beginning.

I truly agree with you. Marketing the book, especially the new once are very hard to market. But there are tons of marketing ideas you can apply in promoting your book(s), which are free too! There are free and reliable book marketing services which you can apply. 

I have seen one promo or something that has been posted in the internet lately. You can check it here: Such promotion would be a great help too!

my biggest challenge was getting anyone to buy a book, once some people had it seems easier.


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