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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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The above are the sub assemblies that I first cut out and below, it the trail fit.

Keep in mind, this is not anywhere near complete. I still have to sand, finish the edges, add the trim and then stain and varnish.
I cut the wood from my property by hiring a sawmill to come in to make boards out of trees blown over in a hurricane. I have enough wood cut into boards for a lifetime of fun. I have sold these to business in town and there is always someone wanting something special made. I am retired and not looking for work, but somehow, work is always looking for me.
Dr Robert E McGinnnis
Oh, you can see some of the trees in the avatar. The wood in this tree came from clearing the land between where the avatar picture was taken and my house in the background. My workshop is over on the left right behind the introduction on the back of the book cover.
Why not be your own publisher"? See my link below and maybe it will give you an idea or two.
Martha, I echo your input and everyone's. We do all seems to suffer from lack of help and lack of time. My book's been out in the UK since January. Small independent publisher. There are sales, and word is getting around, I'm getting very good reviews from those who've read it - they also promise to pass the word - and I have a website that's been visited with reasonable frequency. I have even had a book trailer made which takes forever (the respons of the company who makes them) - it's finished (finally) but they promised to put it up everywhere contracted in three to four days, and 10 days later they still seem to have done nothing.

I am not only published in the UK (even though it's also on, available in India and in New Zealand - can you imagine?) which does very little for US interest, but on top of everything else I live in Peru which implies that I can't even do my treipsing around to local bookshops...

I can't even easily send out review copies from here because the postal service is not exactly up to scratch, exceedingly expensive AND one can't be sure the content of the package isn't nicked before it's even sent.

I am a marketing professional, but marketing my own book is a completely different challenge as I found out. Also, I am not very hot on social media. I never really liked them much, have nothing to say and therefore didn't get even twitter-savvy.
I just tried to look up Technoratti, and they seem to have become

You may be going to the wrong site. Try Technorati here:
My biggest challenge with my books are I wrote them just to see if I could write & publish a book (smile). But when my friends started reading my work, they thought..only God could have given u this. So now I need to edit them. There are so many errors. I have held back the marketing process because they need "cleaning" up (smile). Thank u for this awesome question. Donna
I used an online editor from Relatively inexpensive with a 2 day turn around time. My book is a Christian Marriage Book and they even assigned me an editor with expertise in my field. Highly recommend taking a look at them to edit your work
Not only am I a writer; God blessed me with the gift of writing "screenplays". My passion is "writing" (smile). Wish I could find a position that allows me to write 365/24/7 (smile)..I would take it "immediately" (smile)..thanks for the awesome website...Donna
I am a poet. when it comes to selling a poetry collection, well I learned a long time ago this is really difficult.
My publisher thought my latest book might do better since I was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry with my last book Whispers, Tears, Prayers, and Hope. I didn't make the top three but I feel just being considered for this award was a great honor.
I have never considered myself a professional writer, I work at a call center here in Oklahoma to buy my groceries.
I write poetry to change the word. There is a letter I received on the back cover of my latest book that was sent to me from a man in Jordan. He decided to leave a terrorist training camp to go back home to his people because someone from the University of Amman had sgared some of my poetry with him. (In 2005 I read there while i was representing the US at a poetry festival.)
I have signed a deal with Sony to carry my books as e-books in their library but I am not sure how this will turn out. For me, it honestly isn't about sales as much as trying to reach out to those who need poetry in their lives.
It can accomplish more than most can begin to imagine.
Thanks for your comments, Ed. It is about changing the world for the better, one life at a time. If we accomplish that, while it doesn't pay the bills, perhaps the payoff is greater in that our words have inspired change and hope. Truly, that is priceless.
Good morning Lorilyn and Ed, it looks like that makes three of us who write for the betterment of all and the shaping of future generations. We most likely won't see the fruit of our poetic tree, but the planting has been done. The picture is my front yard which is also my avatar here which I carved out of a desolate and rotting tree swamp. Many pieces of my furniture have been made from the fallen trees. This land, furniture and sunsets are all shared with God from which it came and with the work done in His name.

Here is my backyard. Nature at its best. I suppose that's why I write so much about animals.



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