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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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The first three books of Father Serra's Legacy, a historical novel about the founding of the California missions were somewhat easy. After the endless hours of research of course. They dealt with devoted men giving their all to bring The Word of God to Stone Age Indians and creating hubs of plenty. There was a sense of purpose and an optimism. 

Book Four, The Missions Wither, is different. Everything turns negative and it's difficult to make the main characters go through the tale with some degree of evenness. Friars and soldiers die. The missions are taken away from the friars and given to the Indians who are not ready to run them. Everything erodes, illiterate men are given the power to distribute missions treasures, unable to deal with it by themselves, the Indians give everything away and end up as peones - another word for slaves - of the men who own the ranches.

It is an important piece of history that needs to be told but is extremely difficult to do.

Let it sit for a week or so and go back to edit, revise, and re-edit. Sigh.


That is very fascinating. I have lived in San Diego County all my life and have driven by the Mission many times. 

I have visited the Presidio in Old Town-that is very cool.

Near Santee, a community of East County, there is a part of the San Diego River called 'Padre Dam'. As a kid, I used to fish right off the wall of the dam. Amazing that it is still there after all this time.

Now I live in Julian and there is another Mission just down the hill from me in Santa Ysabel. I have driven past that one many times as well on my way out to the Santa Ysabel Casino.

I believe that the road that goes right by the Padre Dam is called 'Father Junipera Serra'-can't remember if it is road, drive, way, etc.

They now have a very educational visitor's center near Padre Dam that I believe includes a library with much of the history you are mentioning, contained within.

I could see how that would be hard. I write a series and in the first two books I happily killed off/tortured characters, but now as I am starting book seven i don't want to hurt any of them,  - even the bad guys who HAVE to die in this book. Can't imagine having to upend everyone :(

Book 7!

Joleene, you are a writing machine!

I guess I better hurry up and finish Eric's book so that I can get onto book 2 in your Amaranthine series :-)

Otherwise, you might have book 8 done first!

Best wishes for your book launch this Saturday.

Hey, do you think it would help if I reposted my blog, What I Am Reading-Shades of Gray edition?

I could plug it all over this site again and also on Twitter-let me know :-)

LOL! well I *hope* to have 7 done by the end of the year but i make no promises ;) I was supposed to have this one out in december... if that tells you anything.

Thanks so much for the offer, that would be awesome :D 

You betcha' :-)

Since you are launching this Saturday-would you like me to repost on the same day?

Ok my biggest challenge of current is going out this weekend to pitch my book to a local coffee house that sells book from local authors. I know the people who work at the coffee house very well. This should not be a big deal, but I'm so crazy nervous!

Go for it. AS


You will be among friends-you will do fine.

Hope you sell lots of books :-)

Send me an angel...Ooohahhooh,

Send me an angel...Ooohaahoooh,

Right now

Don't know if you remember that song

Just thought of it after looking at the cool slide show video on your page


Love that song!! :D

 Lol The song is fitting for my book! Thanks 4-LAN. I should be sleeping. I'm not. I keep running my marketing pitch through my head. @_@

Ha-both of you are going to do great this weekend :-)
Sorry I didn't hang out any later last night.
Made a deal with Marilyn that when she gets here I would get off the computer.
But before she showed up, I went on youtube and found the video to that song :-)
Real Life, Send Me an Angel. Came out the same year I graduated from High School.
How time flies...
All the best to both of you
Have a great weekend!


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