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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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I think the biggest challenge is trying to maximize exposure. Without a big publishing company to market our books we need to help one another get the word out.

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Selling my book, The Little Book of Revelation, is my biggest challenge. Even though it received favorable reviews by credible reviewers—such as BlueInk Review, which said things like, “Beautifully written; highly creative literary analysis; an intriguing study,” and eminent Bible scholar, Dr. Robert Eisenman, who said, “… you've got the subject well in hand; your illustrations are really good;  you've mastered another world than I”— it never got off the ground.

Quality books are no longer perceived as such, and many people are so confused about what to read that they end up reading low quality books, which are often portrayed as bestsellers by the media.


With a book like yours, you need to work from the bottom up rather than the top down. At least, that seems to be the case.

Get a rumble going via social media or participant websites where people go to talk about Revelation (if that is what your book is about). It's a persistent effort, each day a little more exposure, to build it to something much bigger.

John Kremer

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Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated.

My biggest challenge is to find constant motivation. My writing tends to be done in spurts. One week I write nothing and the next I write half the book.

My biggest challenge right now is how to target my audience, which my audience is a unique challenge.  I am going to be publishing professional translations (first time translated into English) of some ancient Bible commentaries.  One is an ancient catena called Cramer's Catena on Galatians, which is a running Bible commentary on Galatians which is a compilation of selected quotes from ancient Bible commentators done by an ancient compiler.  The other is the Glossa Ordinaria on the book of Revelation, in which the Glossa Ordinaria is also a compilation of selected quotes from ancient commentators.  I have just recently finished publishing a translation of the Glossa Ordinaria on the Epistles of John.  I had never given much thought to marketing until here recently and I am not in panic mode but I feel pressure to learn the marketing ropes or at least try to find affordable marketing help.  Any suggestions would be wonderful!!  I have started a website to sort of get my ideas in order for a more permanent site

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Biggest challenge for me is actually connecting with readers online.   There are tons of sites and groups dedicated to authors but I'm finding them to be more self promotion than anything else.  That's NOT a bad thing,  it's just not what I am looking for specifically.  

I'm not even the author in this case..  Just a friend who wants to see a good book get a fair chance.  I'm sure we all feel that way lol  but wow, I've found more cut-throats than authors working to help other authors.  I am THRILLED to have found this site!

Writing: My sentences tend to ramble on and get away from me, so that by the time I finish my thought I discover I've written half a page.

Editing: Allowing myself to be merciless with the editing chainsaw (see above for why)

Selling: Overcoming my social anxiety to get out there and talk to people (including venue managers) about my book.


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