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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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if you copy and paste this into a word document the notes on the far right will then show up, LOL!

Wow Joleene, that is quite the long list!

how to promote my book so that people we see it and buy it,

Its always a challenge to get people to stop by and post a comment. This week's review is of Matt Shaw's Sick Bastards.

My current biggest challenge is getting all of you to stop by and help support a fellow indie and member of The Book Marketing Network. Please follow the link below and congratulate Martin Murphy on having his novella, The Carnarvon Creeper, featured on the Saturday Showcase of Indies Unlimited.

Today, my biggest challenge is with Ken Magee's book. Please check out my review of Dark Tidings

Some years ago I earnt my Master of arts in publishing.

They thought me many things, but what really changed me were the lessons of literary criticism. The teacher thought me that writing is not 'creating' but 'finding' and 'accepting' what 'is really inside of you'.

The more you accept your ideas (and the less you create them) the higher the literary valure of your works.

I exercise a lot. I don't believe in 'waiting ideas': I think that writing a lot makes you a better writer.

One day, I tried to write a short tale about the Trautman character from the Rambo saga , because I thought it was a difficult character. The exercise was doomed to the trash basket.

I immidiately undersood that that short tale 'was the best hidden inside of me', and started writing about brand-new characters inside the Rambo saga in a prequel-set story.

I told my self:'I am an italian born in 77. What do I know about the Vietnam war'?

It turned out I knew a  lot, because of the many books I read (and still read... I am really interested in the subject).

But it was not enough... So I started watching documentaries, studying military field manuals of the sixties and chatting with real Special Forces veterans (those very few that accpeted answering my questions).

Then therewas the last challenge: the copyright problems.

For two years, I thought my Rambo work was doomed to be a 'pirate' bookfor freeshare, but after one year and an half, Morrell authorized my work to worldwide freeshare.

And here we are... Two years later, after FIVE Rambo novels, I freeshared the first one in both English and Italian languages.

It was a REALLY long road...

That s an awesome destination, though!


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