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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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What is your book about?
>Jo waves to ALL her friendsbr />
Last night I came across a VERY interesting link I’d like to share:

Enter your area code and presto…all the places who distribute books are listed in your very own local area (within 50 miles). Also, (by FREE login) enter your name, profile, books and all the information is listed for distributes so they can locate you for possible visitations/book signings.

Way too cool.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is proudly announcing--I've recently gained "Expert Author" status for a couple of my posts. I invite you to come and check it out.

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1.) Blogging: A Delicious Post Devoured In One Bite
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2.) Building an Author Platform
You must present a strong author platform to get the attention from an agent, editor, or publisher. In the query letter, they are wanting to read who you are, where you’re established in the writing world, and what you’re planning to do to market and promote yourself and books.
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3.) Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s Interview
1. It seems like there are blogs that cover every topic and interest under the sun. What are some of the things bloggers can do to standout and garner more readers?
2. Can you share with us a few tips for marketing books and other products using the internet?
3. Can you share with us a few tips for marketing books and other products using the internet?
4. As someone experienced in internet marketing and promotion, what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned that you wish someone would have told you when you first started in the business?
5. What advice would you give to someone new to blogging?
6. What has your experience been with using various forms of social media like LinkedIn and Twitter to promote yourself and or your service offerings?

4.) Positive News
I’m smiling and doing the happy dance.

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What's your book? What genre?

Selling 5,000 copies of a book is quite an accomplishment. Few authors reach that lofty goal with their book. To get there, you'll probably need help from your publisher. What marketing programs does your publisher offer?
Being in India trying to get a poetry book published is a nightmare. Was a navigating officer in the Merchant navy when I got enlightened in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and so became a poet.Do not have any literary connections and publishers are just not touching poetry.The market is filled with rubbish and I really don't blame them as the sales have been really sad.
You solved the publishing dilemma by using BookSurge to publish your book. Congratulations! Now that your book's out there, publishing turns to marketing and promotion. Given your unusual past (Merchant Navy, etc.), have you considered selling large quantities of your book to your old ship mates and the companies that employed you? The companies, in particular, may consider using your book as a premium. For instance, the shipping companies may want to use your book as a tool demonstrating former employees move on to exciting next careers.
My biggest challenge right now is Marketing and selling! I'm lost where that's concerned. I am hoping someone knowledgeable can help me make the best of what i have.
Which books are you having trouble selling? What help is your publisher, Carnal Desires Publishing? Are there marketing techniques you can learn from them and apply to your other works?
Hi Bill,

Ummm! where do i start? I had my first published novel in 2008, and have had no help marketing it from Carnal Desires Publishing. I have fortunately been researching and researching endlessly, until i bumped into a Promo Day conference, which took place on Saturday. I took part and have gained invaluable insight and knowledge on how to promote the books. Other than the conference, i was pretty much left on my own to figure things out.
Bill, your original question to this forum is well formulated. It helps us get beyond the answer: "Everything." You'd think it would be relatively simple to put out a math workbook, but these days I'm having trouble coming up with the energy. One of the useful things about this network is seeing that we all struggle.
I run a business that advises international students who aspire to study in the United States. After a few years in business, we have ideas about how to leverage our students' strengths and minimize their characteristic weakness on the standardized exams for US schools. I paid my head math coach to come up with a manuscript to help students perform better on the SAT exam. We'd like to edit, format, print and use this in a six-week course we are planning for September-October, leading up to the October 10 SAT test.
Your original question helps me break down the task into steps. I think we should go ahead with the math workbook, even though the verbal part is not yet written. Well, actually, have an online product for the verbal section . . .
Does anyone have experience with POD in Europe?
Is anyone using the new Paypal beta-shopping cart?
Or what is your favorite solution for selling small numbers of books on your website?
Hi Marlena,

I have over 11,000 hits on my site, and I sell my books through PayPal? Sounds good, huh? Well, I hardly sell my books, unless I have a contest going; even then I've only sold about eight books.

So a lot of hits and no sales, means something is wrong. Everyone wants a deal, even though I sell my book $5.00 less with no S/H.

That means, I'm really doing something wrong. My site is

Any ideas?
It just means there's something else you can be doing to promote your book. When I travel and share my books with new people around the US, I see my sales go up a little. It's costly so I don't recommend that to everyone but if you can afford it and love to travel, give it a try. Its fun meeting new and interesting people in places you've always wanted to visit but never got to. I took greyhound because it was cheaper than driving (plus no car lol) so that gave me a chance to talk about my books too. I produced a couple sales just on the road from the bus!

People think we're celebrities! Seriously they do! I hand them my card and they go wild telling me they never met a real author before and they are truly excited by the meet. Hey I get excited too lol.

I have been traveling for about a year now. My method works for me. I visit a city and get a job there so I am able to live while sharing my books. It keeps me doing what I love, talking about my books lol. I spent 3 months in vegas last year which was my first city and loved it! Made friends at the same time! One person joined my newsletter so he can see when I have more books coming out! I haven't done any booksignings since my first one but that doesn't mean I'm not signing books lol. Ever so often I still meet someone who does have my book already.

Ok, I'm babling now lol. I just thought I would add a little here. My hardest part now is editing lol. With two books out and one getting closer to being out, I still have trouble making my books perfect.



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