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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Of course, for me the greatest challenge is marketing my book. That's why I think all of us are part of this network. I think it would help more if we try to work more closely together to promote our work. This can be a win/win situation.

Have you considered using Hub Pages? I have had some good results with them. So I encourage people who want to join forces with me to check out my Hub Pager Club here:

At least please visit the group and check out my link. You won't be sorry.

Namaste...Gary. Author of The Eby Way (Just Google the title for more info if you wish.)

Hi Gary, I just wanted you to know that I hooked up with you on Hub Pages. You can check my Hubs as well by clicking here-
Very cool Don. I joined your fan club and made a comment on one of your pages. I hope other folks will do the same. Oh, I was born and raised in Detroit too. Now I am retired and I live in Cave Junction, Oregon. Feel free to stay in touch....Gary.
My biggest challenge is to find readers with an open mind; who are not offended that I wrote a book about the secret love of one of the world's most popular entertainers. I am finding that the people who are offended most by me writing the book, were not there to help the fallen star when he was alive. I am reminded of Rushdie, Steinbeck, Nancy Friday and others who dared to offend the critics. Those said, I stand behind my book, "The Love He Saved," with recognition that selling this book is to date my biggest challenge. I don't regret a thing though.
Sara, that's great! Hope it keeps going.
I've actually taken a fascination with marketing. The "Chicken Soup" guys, who's books were rejected by almost every publisher but became a publishing sensation, say that it took them months to get over the stigma of marketing. It took time to revise their attitude from, "This is flagrant self-promotion" to "We're out to help people, and getting our books into their hands can help them." Once they made that transition, they were on a mission with a very different attitude. They talk about how many people have decided not to commit suicide because of reading a "Chicken Soup" book.

I'd assume that many people could read your book and say, "Finally, someone who understands my problem! And she's living a good maybe I can as well!"

I think that keeps me going - people are hurting financially and I think my book can both encourage them and give them specific direction that they need. We're not selling books - we're selling hope. If these interviews come about, that's the focus the media will want - you all about helping people - with your book as a sort of "by the way...."

In my TV interviews, the hosts brought up the book and mentioned it. I didn't have to and could concentrate on trying to give helpful information to the audience.

Keep us up! Sounds like you've got some exciting possibilities out there!
Hey Steve and Sarah: What are your thoughts about joining forces to promote our work together? Again, why not try a mutual interview on Twitter? Please let me know what you think. Peace and Light: Gary.

Tell me about how that would work.

Sure, you write out a short script like other authors have done on my page here. Then we Tweat each other interview questions. We can improvise too but the script makes the whole process very easy. How does that sound?
Hi Sara,

Today, I had my Press Release go out today with Bostick Communications at noon; so far, nothing. I guess you and Steve were lucky. Ken said memoirs were having trouble with so many out there. I sure hope something comes in tomorrow. I'd like to get at least five to make the investment worth it.
As we all know as authors, nothing is guaranteed.
Alberta, I admire the way you keep taking action to promote your work. It's true that the memoir field is a bit glutted these days, but there is always room for an original and heartfelt story to get through the crowd. Good luck with the press release program!
Hi All,
I got shocked and received five requests for my memoir last night; one today.

My publisher, Infinity Publishing, said they would send the people a copy of the book if they request it so I've forward the request directly from Bostick Communications. I hope they stand by it. They are saving me some money sending the copies out. I'm sure if too many come in, they will stop.

I haven't got any connection to radio or television show. They seem to be all reviewers. I'll take them since they are all over different states.

I didn't realize you could change the press releases once you paid from them.

I'm not sure once the locations get their copies of our books, if they contact us. Let me know how that works.

I'll keep a record of the request and try to follow through.


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