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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Hi Bill,


I recently Self Published my first book, "Fart In The Wind." Being on a tight budget I was reading everthing I could while writing while facing the everyday mundane problems like computer crashes and lost work and finally was forced to put all my energy on finishing to keep my sanity.


As a result my biggest regret is not sending out my books to reviewers prior to publishing it and not joining sites like this until later. Now, I want my book reviewed but most reviewers only want to review new books. Have any advice on what to do?




Have you sent a press release to your local papers?

Hi Bill,

Published my first work last year.  Reached my number one  goal, that of becoming a "Published Author."  I found as a venture capitalist, having financed works of communication, i.e. magazines, newspapers, etc., that you have to "Blackjack" the marketplace.

You have to put the book into the hands of readers, since books are sold by "word of mouth."  Consequently, besides appearing on the International web selling sites, I've seeded the markets in some foreign countries.  My main objective, since I am self publishing is to be concerned about the cost effectiveness of any promotions being considered.  Some take experience, but once burned...  My outlook is to complete my second work by Oct/Dec, but attempt to pre-market/promote before publishing.  I've managed to document the good and bad for historical purposes for  the first undertaking..."Sleeper Cell."  I am contemplating a trailer to carry on the first work and a 'It's coming" trailer for the second work.



Good grief - where do you find a list of 200 places to send books? And what about ebooks, not printed ones?


My greatest problem isn't the writing, it's the marketing end of things. I'm scrambling with the learning curve of how to be a PR whore without being obnoxious...okay, too obnoxious. Tweeting religiously lately and got a blog going regularly (With slowly increasing followers), but I still haven't found the magical yellow brick road to my target audience.

Bill, Just wanted to thank you for this.  I would love to share this information with some of my authors.  Would that be okay with you?  We have many authors who want to do their own book review work and call me upset after they send out 6 books and do not get 5 reviews.  If and when I get your permission, I'd love to post this for my authors.


Amy Collins

Dear Marta, Is your POD publisher by any chance in Germany? I have the opportunity to get a training manual out quickly, and I am looking for a recommendation. The US companies will take too long to deliver, and I'd have to reckon with customs. Best wishes, Marlena
Brilliant to see this written about ! I am in the limbo stage too as my book 'Searching for Mooneyes' has only been out for six months and i have little idea about how well its doing!
All i can say is that one should never give up, keep on blogging, googling, talking and networking, arranging publicity and press releases and just have flyers and business cards with all the details on all the time, that way you can hand them to people all the time to encourage your readership!
I will be looking forward to clinking a celebration glass by january! Think positive and youre a winner for sure!
All the best
Hello Marta. This is Marie Pinschmidt from Gather. I notice the above reply was in June, 2007. It seems you have achieved at least part of your goals in two years. Patience is a virtue in marketing.

I'm new to this site, so hope it will be helpful.
Hi Marta,

How did you gain international access to potential customers? That's great about your web hits!


I would develop profession materials, with help/advice of POD pub's marketing resources. If pub wld approve your package, I wld send to the outlets you mention. However, most expect such materials 4-6 months prior to book release or publication date.I will aim to put more info about this on my blog soon-

Best regards,
Jean Purcell


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