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Publishers expect their writers to be author-preneurs especially if the authors aren’t (yet) famous.

This BookExpo America panel suggests how. It’s 41 minutes.

Hear how to balance your need to write with your obligation to promote. The 41-minute session was well-led by BookTour’s Kevin Smokler. Panelists are uber book events host, Kim Ricketts; Beatrice founder, Ron Hogan; literary agent Betsy Amster and blogger and author of Harry Revised, Mark Sarvas. Hint: several of their suggestions involve Me2We-style collaboration.

Hear more BEA speakers here - especially How to Succeed in Publishing Using LinkedIn (co-presenters have an upcoming book with that title), an “unscripted” session with Clay Shirky (Here Comes Everybody) and Jeff Howe (Crowdsourcing), and Here Comes Everybody: So, What Should We Do Next? a separate session with Shirky.

(Remember to start your own book club.)“authors-must-become-brands”/

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I agree with your concept Authors Must Become Brands. Authors present their expertise and talents and become known for them. As you mentioned we cannot do it alone though many of us try. It takes people working together to help others with their talents. I have learned many things with doing what I have done and I am always willing to share information.

Through my promotional efforts I have become recognized as an expert in a couple of areas. One is integrity which is an important topic with me and the other relates to quality control processes and information. I have over 25 years in the quality assurance field and I am using that expertise as a registered expert on There are many opportunities for us to excel and become our own brand we have only to be told about them and act on the opportunities given to us.

Together with our books and our interests/causes we can become involved with causes that are important to us. Through this network I have found other individuals who are interested in causes which I feel are important. One such person was Tony Signorelli who is working on a free and fair election amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I have done work for the organization and I would never have known about him had it not been for this site. My marketing efforts have raised my name recognition on google to the point where at least 60% of the listings on the first ten pages of google is my activities. I did not pay for this recognition but it happened as a result of my many activities.
In light of your savvy in positioning yourself as an expert, is there other specific advice you'd offer members here?


Yes, I do have some other suggestions. I would participate in writing forums and on networking sites such as this. It gains you exposure. The more your name is on the Internet, the more it becomes recognized.

Other suggestions I would make are to write articles about topics you have an interest and knowledge. I have written over 100 articles on the subject of integrity and many are posted on the American Chronicle web site. You can set up an account and start submitting articles. I have found that many of my articles find their way to the first ten pages of google. The site gets many visitors and they have over 100,000 articles and hundreds of writers who participate. Though they do not pay you for the articles the exposure is well worth the time. Since May 28, 2007 my articles have received over 38,000 hits and are still growing. Another suggestion is to participate in answer sites such as When you respond to an answer within the rules your name again gains exposure.

Another suggestion is to not be afraid to find local talk shows or programs which do interviews. I currently have a scheduled interview with a local PBS station which will post it on their Internet site. I also had an interview on All Things That Matter with host Phil Harris on Blog Talk Radio. When you find host are looking for authors to interview take the opportunity to submit your name for consideration. I have done this more than once which resulted in interviews being scheduled. Interviews bring more exposure for your writing and expertise.

I am also a registered expert on the site for quality control. You can look at the available topics in which you have knowledge or expertise and submit your credentials to be established. My experience and knowledge did not fit the categories and as a result they created a new category.

These are only examples of the kind of activity available to gain exposure. Another is to create a great web site with valuable information and links which people would want to visit. You can check out my site and the amount of information I have published. My site gets visitors from all over the world.

Hope this information helps you and other authors. If anyone would like to contact me with any questions I would be glad to help in anyway I can.
That are very practical tips. They also show your diligence. Thank you!


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