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After my share of bad things with agents I have decided to promote my own third novel that was just published. Has anyone had bad experiences with getting known to the public. It is realy hard when you know you have written a darn good book and you cannot get the word out.
John Hachmann

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Promoting fiction is REALLY difficult. The best thing I can say is to start a blog and find ways to get people "hooked" on your book. Create a trailer, put it on YouTube, use same tags as really popular fiction trailers on YouTube. It takes time to create a following. I did an interview once with Jan Karon, author of the now wildly popular Mitford series. She went from bookstore to bookstore getting owners to stock her book. She pored over Publisher's Weekly and got to know the book industry and eventually, connected with an agent who loved her books and the rest is history. Her words to me were, "Never, never, never, NEVER give up!" Indeed.
Thanks. Of course you are right on the never giving up. I will follow the suggestion.

As Diane mentioned in her reply promoting fiction is more difficult than non-fiction but it is not impossible. I am a non-fiction author and I use several methods to gain exposure. I write articles, post on forums such as this and I answer questions on I do all my promoting and with the many methods I use I have gained exposure for my topics and expertise. I have a site ( which is a resource for other authors. It has marketing opportunities/information and links to sites which offer examples of techniques available for any author.

If your book is family friendly I would gladly post it on my online book catalog with a link to sell it from anywhere you want. I also have an online speakers bureau where you can be available to speak on topics pertaining to fiction writers. I also have a free download of my publishing experience and the things I learned. It offers suggestions which you may be able to incorporate in your promotional activities.

Making your book a success rest more today with the author than any publisher in my experience. Only you the author know your book better than anyone else. You must present your book and the objective of it as to how it is different than ones already on the market. You must make your book stand out

Hope this helps. If you want more information feel free to contact me.
Thank you for you good advice. All three of my books are family friendly because I have three daughters that puruse every word and give me heck if I get out of line. hehe
I would absolutely love to get my books posted on you catalog. Right now they are on Barnes & Noble, Abe Books, Amazon and Publish America. My website is and it takes a person to where they can buy them. My third book should be ready for print next week and I am really excited about this one because it is a great story and contains a lot of historical aspects.

John Hachmann
If your novel contains historical aspects, you might also try to interest the home-schooling market in it. A lot of home schoolers like to use historical fiction.
good point. I will pursue that aspect. Thank You



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