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Can anyone offer a relative neophyte some advice regarding getting on TV and radio with spending an arm, aleg, and half my children's inheritance? I am anxiously awaiting the release of my latest Novel, KEY LIME SQUEEZE, and am trying to generate all the Ppublicity I can on a tighter than shoe string budget. Any and All help I can get would ber greatly appreciated.

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Check out my web site. There are tons of free advice and marketing information and opportunities. I am a person that checks out all the free marketing information and opportunities and use them if they fit my topic and genre. My web site is I hope it helps.
Don't know where you are located, but check into writers clubs in your area...
I am in southern CA and joined IWOSC and they have their own radio show (Write On) to promote authors with 5-6 minute taped is great free publicity...
Behcet Kaya
Thanks to Bechet and Dennis. I'll be following up on your advice this week.

I work at a television station and they are often times looking for things like books and authors for segments. They have so many programs any more they need the content to fill. Now you may not get the best times, but a weekend morning or noon show is not all that bad. it is exposure and you don't have to pay anything other than leaving a book for the producer perhaps.

I would suggest calling the station, asking for the names of the producer for the morning shows or noon show. If the receptionist doesn't know the names, ask for the newsroom or the assignment desk and ask them. Tell them you can send a copy of the book ahead of time. If you have photos in the book, suggest that they could use those shots during the interview. Often times these producers are fairly young (especially on the weekend) so if you make a good call they won't say no. Point out any local connections in the book, things that make sense for the station to do the interview. Time of season, a parallel to something happening locally or elsewhere in the news.

Just make sure you have a good topic for TV. If its a torrid sex novel, try somewhere else.

Hope that helps
Did you see that I work in television. Believe me, if you call and ask someone the name of say the morning show producer why wouldn't they give it to you. There is down time for producers. Weekend producers often spend Thursdays and Friday finding things for their shows.

Regardless of what Dr Wright says, I say give it a try and see what happens. Maybe that isn't how it works for her cable-access show but a lot of stations are willing to give an author some time.
I have been on the news and on a lifestyle entertainment show within the last couple of months and have been raking in the dough. I think!?!? My ranking on Barnes and Noble just keeps going down. It's simple just email the producer. Make the note simple and short. Wait a week and they should respond.

Jaleh Donaldson
I've found that most radio shows aren't interested in lining up fiction authors for interviews. They're looking for non-fiction authors with a knowledge or expertise in a certain subject area-- someone who can provide "how-to's", advice, or commentary on a news item or timely subject. That being said if you, as the author of "Key Lime Squeeze," have an expertise on a topic or theme that's related to your book and is relevant to an important issue or news event, you can always pitch yourself that way. For example, if I wrote a novel about a young girl who became a runaway and this was a strong theme in my book, I had done a lot of research on the topic, etc.-- I might be able to get on the radio to comment on a high profile child runaway case in my community. The host would identify me as the author of "Runaway Girls" (made-up title), thus giving a good plug to the book. Does that make sense?
Great point! The more you have to offer their listeners, the better.
Skeeze Whitlow
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Dear Ron,
As a former U.S. Capitol attendant, I offer you Senate Parking. A 90 K word novel about a multicultural crew of parking lot attendants who operate an escort service from the Senate lots. A good look at the underbelly of our law making process. Senate Parking can be listened to at
“Hill Intros” is the brainstorm of attendants unable to obtain employment within the confines of the Capitol. Senate Parking is the story of power structures, on a personal and national level. Done from the perspective of workers who see themselves without much chance of ‘making it’ in a culture of power drivers, Washington’s backdrop provides a tension all its own.
This book concerns every kind of shady deal for which the political arena is famous. Senate Parking is full of anecdotes which let freedom ring. I can provide you with a synopsis or with the complete manuscript – whatever you like. Either way, I’ll be in touch.

Skeeze Whitlow

My second novel is now audio – like old time radio. All you have to do is listen. It’ll make you laff. Go to www.NewFiction,com

Choose ‘Senate Parking’

Skeeze Whitlow


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