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Should advanced copies of books ever be submitted to newspapers or magazines for review, along with a press release? I'm a newbie publisher and I'm in the process of wanting to send out 60 or so books to get advanced reviews - but I'm not sure if I'm targeting the media properly.

Any thoughts?

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- but I'm not sure if I'm targeting the media properly.

You need to get this right. Genre dictates your target magazines and it pays to have a person's name rather than just send it to the office. You might also consider radio stations. Kerrang FM did me a power of good and I had 3 live interviews with them.
Don't forget to keep every contact you make. Also, have a look at Alison Baverstock's book: 'How To Market Books'. Hope that helps.
Good luck, Chris.
Thank you for the replies. This is very helpful.
No, ARCs only go out to a few specialty journals (Kirkus, Library Journal, etc.) for review. Otherwise, most newspaper and magazine reviewers want an actual copy. Most publishers take this into account. Say out of a print run of 10,000, roughly 1,000 will be sent out to various reviewers for free to help build buzz. Some will take ARCs, but most want the actual book.

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