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It's a new idea that could very easily revolutionize the industry as we know it today. I myself am organizing a virtual book tour to kick off the day after Thanksgiving. My goal is 20 venues in 20 days, but we'll see how it goes. I'm still learning about this new means of promoting one's work and so there will be a fairly significant learning curb to work through.

Should anybody want to host a tour, lemme know. The deal is one day. We set up a blog post with my author bio, maybe a youtube clip to introduce the book or something, picture, summary of the book, and a link to the book. Finally, we'd turn the comment section into a Q&A between me and the readers. An interview or review wouldn't hurt either.

The Premise:

MORE EXPOSURE. Not just for me, but for the patron who puts up their blog for the day. People talk, and thus if the blog is archived there could be constant Net stream of traffic to the particular blogger.


Other than the potential added traffic, I'm willing to offer a PDF copy of my book, The Fallen, at no charge to any patrons who are interested.


email me at:

Serious inquiries only, please. And preferably veteran bloggers, but as we near launch I may consider newer bloggers to help out.


Myspace's Favorite Future NYT Bestseller,


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I regularly host authors who are on tour. Not only does it bring extra exposure to the author, but the blog owner also gets benefits out of the tour. A win-win for both parties. I'd be happy to be part of your upcoming tour.

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awesome! I'll be kicking this off the day after thanks giving. I'm actually launching on youtube of all places, then stopping over at Live Journal. Ummm email me with your hosting info and we can talk story. The email's

John, I have considered this option for some of the reasons you cited. I've noted that the people who seem to enjoy a little success from these tours plunge into a series of their own blog posts in as many places as they can. This supplements the tours. For example, if your book is a civil war novel and your talking about battle scenes on BLOG ABC as part of the interview there, you can write your own blog posts elsewhere on, for example, how to do civil war research, little known facts about famous battles, etc. And then provide links to the blog you'll be stopping by next.

Ohhhh I like that idea. Granted, my book is of fictitious design, but I'm sure I can make it work. Thanks Malcom!

Your Favorite Future NYT Bestseller,

I'd be happy to interview you for my Writers and Authors site.
I've done and hosted many tours. I'm currently doing a very successful tour to promote my site.

That'd be great! Drop me an email at and we'll talk story.


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