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Can anyone pint me to a fulfillment company that will handle printing my ebook, putting into a binder form and then mail out to customers? Thanks

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Does LULU just pay royalties or just the costs?
Hignell does small print runs. They are in Manitoba. They are also pretty affordable to order from in general if you want to go 1500 books. Same with Premier printing in Manitoba.
None of these companies mail it out. There's also one attached to RJ printing called Thor Printing that does what you're asking.
Lulu mails it out. You upload the info, you definitely have to do the marketing, but they completely process the order and pay you the royalty based on the price you set.
I was just looking at Lulu and don't see where they say they mail out. I do see something about that they've got marketing resources though. Am I missing something? :: confused:: Is that who you use David so you know for sure about the shipping?

It seems they are well priced if one is doing their whole book in black/white but if in 4-color like my smoothie book, they are REALLY pricey. It would cost over $15 just to print it. Something to consider and be aware of.

As far as fulfillment, maybe try closer to home? There may be a company in your area that does that..
I write bible study guides and put the pdf's online for free. Some have requested printed copies so I use lulu. They handle the shipping if you set up a lulu store like so:

My 40 book will be published through them and made available on Amazon. Amazon can handle mailing them out.
O.k., thank you for the clarification.


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