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Hi all -

To get your How-to on writing up an ad and selling your book on Craig's List, you need to email me at I have a PDF I can send you but I can't send it unless you give me your email address. Thanks for all the responses; it's been amazing to hear from so many!


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Please send your How-to on making an ad!
yeh, craigslist. i just had a meeting with SCORE and the dude made that same suggestion. would most def appreciate a hook up.

I'll check it out too.

Child author
I've always sold things via Craigslist but never thought of advertising/ marketing my book there!

I'd really appreciate it if you'd send a copy to me, Shannon. Thanks for your generosity!

Writes of Passage
Hi Shannon,
I'd love to take a look at this PDF. Can you send it to me at
I sent an email re: interested. Thanks. Dee
>they don't want you putting up the same ad on a lot of cities at once.

If you use a registered account to sell items on Craig's List, you are limited to the market in which you signed up. To post to more than one city, post the ad without registering. Also, change the ad so that it isn't identical, which will comply with the concern that you are posting the same ad to multiple cities.
hi shannon, could you send me a copy at please.
thank you
HI. I have tried to post my novel there and they kick me off. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks so much.
Thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate your help.
Thanks, Shannon....could you send the PDF to Best, Clarissa Burt
My email address is


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