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Hi all -

To get your How-to on writing up an ad and selling your book on Craig's List, you need to email me at I have a PDF I can send you but I can't send it unless you give me your email address. Thanks for all the responses; it's been amazing to hear from so many!


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Shannon, could you pls send to me your info on how to sell your book on Craig's list. You can send it to Thanks Jay

Couldn't get through to your email Would appreciate a copy of How-to about Craigs list please send to

Hi Shannon,
Please ad me to the PDF copy for Craigs list


If I have not sent this to you, please send me an email at and I will get a copy of the PDF to you ASAP.

Shannon san, could you send me a copy also? thank you
I would like to get your How-to. You can send to Thanks
Hey everyone. This offer by Shannon has been on here for over a year and a half. I ordered mine on 2/9/08, and never received it. I didn't notice until later that she asked for us to email her. Below is the last post that I could find from Shannon:

[Reply by Shannon Janeczek on July 1, 2008 at 10:27am
Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not responded to you in a more timely fashion. Kind of busy having a very unexpected emergency C-section and a long maternity leave!! Baby boy & I are doing nicely. Obviously, I have not been monitoring any social networking sites in the meantime.

My email has also changed. Please email me at to get your PDF. I will send it out before the end of the week.

Thanks for your understanding.]

I don't know if the offer is still good, but you might try contacting her at the above email addy.

Good luck,


Hi I am Shirley Bullock author of Forever Promised.
I have one on Craig's List, it is probably incorrectly done! lol
Shannon, what a great way to build your list. Kudos for your innovation! I'm just seeing this post and can't believe I missed it. Anyway, the address:
You will have mail from me shortly :-)

That is a venue I hadn't even thought of for a place to sell books. This sounds awesome. Please send me your file.

Thanks in advance,


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