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Best POD Printers for Graphics-Intensive Book

I am considering self-publishing one of my titles, a how-to book on quilting. It will have a lot of graphics and photos, at least one or two per page. Anyone have experience in self-publishing this type of book? I've self-published one of my books years ago, but it was before POD and most of them look as if they don't want to handle a lot of graphics.

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Dear Maria:

I’d like to introduce you to AMES OnDemand, a leading provider of on demand printing and content management services, located in Somerville, MA.

We specialize in on demand printing of galleys, out-of-print, and keep-in-print publications for the publishing industry, software and hardware documentation, training and education, healthcare, and financial institutions. Our superior printing quality provides just-in-time books, manuals, and marketing materials to enable our clients to address the ever changing needs of their markets.

The AMES OnDemand team has over 50 years of combined publishing and media industry expertise. In 1996 AMES OnDemand developed its first BookBuild™ custom publishing system linked to high-speed digital printers – and we’ve remained at the forefront of the digital printing industry ever since. We’re familiar with the technologies and formats found in media buyers, graphic designers and publishers’ production workflow.

I invite you to experience how AMES OnDemand can securely manage your intellectual property while providing you with high quality printing services.

Warm Regards,
Hi, Maria. My wife is a quilter and your question caught my attention. I've seen several different formats for quilting books: paper-wrapped hard cover, paperback, hidden coil, even saddle-stapled. What format will your book be? When you say that it's graphics intensive, do you mean lots of line art or photos? Will the photos be color or black & white? Photos make a difference. How many pages will your book be? Of those pages, how many will have line art? How many will have photos (sometimes also called halftones)? Finally, how many books will you order on your first print run?

All these factors influence which type of printer you use. There are many POD printers available in the United States. It appears you've already been solicited by Ames OnDemand. Many others would like your business. Not all will have the ability to print your book well, though. Knowing the answers to the above questions will help clarify your printing bid and narrow down the choices of printers. Without some specifics, it's hard to recommend which POD printer will best suit you.

As an aside, many of the books my wife owns are color cover with a mixture of color and black & white line art on the interior pages. From what I've seen, many of them are printed overseas because of the heavy color content. I wouldn't recommend printing your book overseas unless you were certain that there was sufficient demand for it and that you had distribution locked in.

I recall there were a limited number of distributors selling books to the quilting stores. Contact one, or more, of the distributors to determine what format book they best like to distribute based on what they know sells to your market.
Bill -
Thanks for your reply. If your wife is a quilter, you know how we like to collect books as well as fabric. Most of the books from major publishers are quite color and photo intensive and are printed overseas. I don't think I want to go that route as I want a printer who can also handle fulfillment.

My book will have both color and b&w photos and b&w illustrations. I'm thinking that the color photos would be on the cover, inside cover, and then on an insert in the middle, while the rest of the book, text, photos, and illustrations would be b&w. There are smaller printers who deal quite a bit with the quilt industry, but I'm not sure they handle fulfillment.

Thanks for your reply. It confirmed what I've been thinking and planning.



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