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Book Release Event "Cover Charge" to sell book...Good or Bad?

I've heard of book release events where the guests had to 'pay' (price of the book) to get in the door in exchange for a copy of the book being promoted. Though this is a sure way to sell books, do you think it's good or bad tactic to use? If you have done this, what was the outcome (i.e. did the guests feel like they were "forced" to buy the book, was the number of attendees better than expected, despite a cover charge)?

Thanks in advance for your replies and have a great weekend!

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Sounds like the only way it would work is if the author was so famous people really wanted to meet them. Otherwise what's the point? You would just be buying a book.

Seems to me you would want as many people around as possible just to create a better atmosphere. By blocking out those who won't be buying a book you are reducing the crowd.

But I could be wrong!
I agree with David. Unless one is well known, why would anyone pay to meet an unknown? The point would be to get people in to LOOK at the book, PURCHASE the book AND if they want it signed, cool! If not, cool!

Personally, I've not heard of people paying to go to a book signing... but then, I don't get out much. *wry smile*



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