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Can anyone direct me to an inexpensive printing company who will print up my ebook in a soft copy and just charge for royalties. Thanks!!

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Hi Cole,

Have you checked local printers? Just send them the file and what you want and they'll do the rest. They're just printers. They don't receive royalties. You can even have it done at Kinko's and get as few or as many as you like.

We found someone here (Ca.) who will do my smoothie book for even less than sending it out overseas. We do have to purchase a minimum of 1000 I think it is.

If your book is b/w, then it's easier to find a relatively inexpensive printer. This is where I get my playbook done: My smoothie book is another matter as it's got a lot of 4-color artwork.

Cole, printing a book is no more difficult than printing a sheet of paper ~ as long as the lay-out leaves room for the binding.

You're welcome. I hope it made sense to you. The difficult part I think is the layout. Once that's done, getting it copied is a cinch. Binding is another story. Maybe you can find a printer who also does the binding.

smooooothies! mmmmmmm. And when will this book be available?
My Smoothies book? Been available almost a year now. LOL Can purchase as ebook or softcover on my Revvellations site.


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