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Sharing marketing tips would really be a blessing for all of us here at Book Marketing Network. If we all share tips, we will all be helping one another to promote our books, and at the same time, be encouraging to one another as authors.
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I know of a good Marketing tip, it would help all authors. Try going to the craft events or vendors to sell you books, as well any post cards you make and bookmarks you want sell or give for free for buying your book.

Theses vendors are like the community, art coalitions, or craft shows I want to say other maybe called craft vendors.

It won't hurt making some business cards as well to hand out or give upon them ordering. I also would try at less one bookstore especially if its a mom and pop. I have one sell there, I totally forgotten was at a bookstore. Haven't receive any sales. I recall looking around to find it and found at the bottom in the back. But of course this isn't like books million store also. I would say its out 4 bookstores they mini and two of them christian bookstore, also offically own by owner not a big distributor and one gift and bookstore combine.
As Donna says sharing marketing tips will be quite helpful
once I gave an adversitement in a local news paper there was no enquiry at all
The best thing is go to a public spot or school and sell
Hi friends,
So far we have some really good ideas. Keep em' coming, and keep on encouraging one another as author, writers, and friends.
Perhaps not so groundbreaking but what really worked for me a couple of years ago was old fasioned publicity. We publised a book called Pulpo Paris Fashion Shopping, a guide to the best shopping in Paris. But instead of just sending the book out to journalists we produced small shoppingbags in the same size as the book (we made them ourselves with a printer, coated paper and glue). The book was sent out in the bags and it really was huge hit. Over 20 magazines and newspapers in Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and the UK wrote about it and especially in the NL it generated great sales.

The funny thing is that in 4 papers they included the shopping bag when displaying the book. In one magazine they even left the book out and only featured the bag.
Thanks Hans, great tip, enjoyed the photo. Blessings, Donna
All Moms, Grandma's , Mom's To Be and Hoping to be Moms join me at It is a great website where you can meet women from all over America. I have met a couple of authors, it is a great place to expose your book. If you have a book that is of particular interest or to mom', woman in general, they may be interested in your book. If you are a childrens writer, what better place than Mom's who love their kids. Are you a poet, novelest, check it out. I am creating a writers group on my page at cafemom and I invite you all to come check out the wonderful friendship and marketplace at Cafe mom. This is a wonderful, wholesome website and I love it. Check it out, become a member and check out my page, My member name is donnamia check out my page and become my friends. Hope to hear from you!I have met some great moms and love making new friends everyday.
Thank Donna I will visit the site . while writing any script or any article I wish I sometimes meet some people and discuss some ideas . I have written articles like that

I think you make an important point. An author needs to think seriously about their audience. Not the national audience they'd love to have but seriously think about who would be interested in their book. Then go to that audience wherever they may be - AND it's not necessarily a bookstore.

Example. My historical novel takes place in Texas in the late 19th century. The central character owns a horse ranch with his mother. He kills a man in self-defense and then goes on the run.

Of course, I want my book in bookstores but where's my audience. I hope to find them at western events: rodeos, cowboy gatherings, cutting horse events, and western style gift shops. We only have so much time in the day to market.
I market my book at festivals/fairs/libraries/schools. I am a storyteller and published author of the Theodore Da Baer series of books for children of all ages. When I go to these events, I tell stories from my books, then hold a booksigning.

I sell t-shirt, bookmarks, wizard candy, teddy baer tattoos. I give talks at libraries, schools encouraging writers. I speak to anyone and everyone that will listen about my books.

Visability is the key. If people do not know the book is out there, they will not be looking for it.

I have started a catch phrase to be used on emails, letters and introductions at storytelling it is: "Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Wishes to you and yours. May your lives be filled with Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Moments.

My stories are making their way around the world, one child at a time
I think all the points already mentioned are really helpful. Visibility is the key---whenever you can, without being pushy, take the opportunity to mention your book. For example, in the supermarket when the cashier asks how you are just say oh! I'm trying to promote my book these days..She will be excited to meet an author and ask questions...every situation can be made into a natural opportunity. Also give you beautician a copy and she will tell all her customers. Getting it out there to be seen so people want a copy is the trick. Donate a copy to your vet and to your doctor to put on the coffee table in the waiting lounge..just a few more ideas.
There's another thread on the site where I mention this, but marketing also means increasing one's visibility. Thus, building one's website or blog ranking in the search engines is an excellent method. The other thread is found here.



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