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I am very new at this. I have one book, "Our Oneness in Christ," that was published by PublishAmerica (a fact which I now perceive to be a hindrance in the minds of many) last December.

I have had only one review of my book published. That review was wonderful, entirely positive (see,, but it was published on a relatively obscure website that's devoted to assisting authors.

I have no reviews and no ratings on Amazon. What I'm wondering is whether reviews and/or positive numerical ratings on Amazon affect a book's exposure there enough to make it worth offering to trade reviews and ratings on Amazon with other authors. Buried in this question are two other questions: 1) Is this idea "kosher?" and 2) Since Amazon only permits customers who have actually purchased a book through Amazon to review and rate it there, is it worthwhile offering to buy other authors' books through Amazon and then rate and review them there in order to obtain ratings and reviews for my book from them?

If my idea is legitimate, and you like what you read in the review of my book (linked above), I'm willing to attempt a trade of reviews and ratings with you on Amazon. Send me the sales link for your book on Amazon, and I'll send you my link, and we can get started and see what kind of sales difference it makes.

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I think it was someone here who stated that one needs a minimum of 7 reviews to raise it to another level. Not sure.

I didn't know that one had to purchase a particular book directly from them to write a review. I know I've done some reviews but don't remember having purchased the books from them. Might consider getting yourself known there in other ways... become an associate so you can list books on your site, start a "wish list" if you don't already have one.

I'm going to check that. I've got books I've not purchased from them... and see if I can do a review.

There are many more effective ways to drive your book up the charts at Amazon-

- press releases
- blogs
- email blast campaigns
Amazon allows one to write a review of a book whether they've purchased the book on Amazon or not. I have reviewed books that I have not purchased on Amazon.

One effective opportunity is to offer free review copies to anyone interested if they will write a review for you on Amazon (and Insist that the reviewer give you a 5 or 4 ranking if they review your book. If they cannot give you a high score, request they do not write the review at all.

The easiest way to plug into this network is to send an e-mail to Dan Poynter requesting he put an insertion into his newsletter MarketPlace. He has a special section where is lists authors willing to provide review copies for free in exchange for a positive review. Dan's instructions to potential reviewers is to give only a 5 or 4 review, otherwise don't write it.

Prepare a description of your book, who the intended audience is and your contact information. Dan will run the insert for you and potential reviewers will contact you directly.
Thanks for the information! I had misunderstood how it worked, apparently.
If an individual feels strongly enough about your book to give it the highest rating of 5 stars, various Amazon affiliates will often use that rating and the accompanying review as an indication that they should feature the book on their site. In that sense, the review can help you to gain more exposure and increase your sales potential. I happen to like writing reviews so have done this for many more than have done it for me. Peace,

Hi Revvell, I went on your web-The BookCrawler. How does this website help you? Also would you provide me with the information on how to learn more about being an associate with Amazon? Thanks for sharing from your experience and helping others learn.
Aaaack!!! Thanks to Roger Ellerton who noticed I'd put the wrong website. The correct one is: The Book Crawler site is under construction. How does it help me? Well, it helps authors get recognition because anyone looking on iTunes for books/authors will find it; when someone googles my name they see me as an "expert" because I have a podcast up AND I'm an author of two books as well so, basically, there's recognition.

I believe someone here stated that one needs 7 (is it?) positive reviews to receive higher rankings on Amazon.

Go here for info on the affiliates: (I think)

Hope this all helps..

Just thought you'd like to know that the website you gave opened up for me.Best wishes.


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