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I'd love to know if anyone has found a Publicist that they think is wonderful and delivering what they need?
I never knew there were so many! Some on retainer. Others who charge only for what they deliver. I'm particularly interested in radio interviews and will appreciate help!

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Hello Peggy,

I am a very new author who happened upon Judi Lake after interviewing a number of other agencies and I am extremely happy and impressed with her efforts. I had hired her on as both my designer and publicist and her method of work is primarily in relationship building and trust. She was the only agency that would not accept my work until she read it and understood it and to quote her, 'feel the heart of my work'.

I had had two very dismal experiences prior to Judi which not only cost me a great deal of money but resulted in nothing. Judi Lake is an extremely creative woman who I found to handle my work with not only respect but also with the difference it needs. I am also quite pleased that with her I have also developed a treasured friend.
Have you done any local radio? The radio interviews I did I got on my own.

I have and like you, have gotten them on my own as well as several national and internet talk shows.And even though I enjoy it, its very, very time consuming and keeps me from lining up speaking engagements which is what I do for a living.

But, like you, when I get a publicist,I'll still do some of it cause I want to get my book out there ASAP!! Thanks for your comments.
The major reason to hire a publicist is for their existing relationships. Be sure they have the relationships you want and/or need.

For a list of book publicists, see
Thank you so much for the list! Love your book. It's helped so much in getting me launched and thanks for doing this site.

I'm determined and plugging away but need those contacts that a publicist has to get me more geographic exposure.
check out
we work on a "Pay as you go basis"
I would love to help you

Rick Frishman
212 593 5845


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