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Does the Church support the Christian writer, and AUTHORS?

I like anyone experience if any, with any support of any kind as Christian writer or Author from their Church? rather members, friends of members?

And if so, What would you recommend? possible offering free gift? Would you say this is wise to address something like within a church especially when know not to force one into something.

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I have a lot of experience here. Its basically like any other product. Does what you offer meet a need? If you can convince them it does, they will buy it/support it. You have an extra obstacle though. Many people dont feel they should pay for anything "christian."

Personally, I am of the opinion that the gospel is free but somebody has to pay for the plumbing (distribution methods). The distribution may be in the form of books, church buildings, missionaries, etc.

I definitely feel strongly that my book has and will feel need. I know a christian there are individuals that has stress, anxiety, depression or had commit suicide, molsterated, rape. I know without a doubt this will be a instrumental to all who reads my poetry and creative writing, will be touch by the Lord in his plan. All that I write over the years is all the love and hope and peace as well faith that stem from Jesus. And from the darkness of many tramua ordeals I faced he has given me a blessful gift to expressing his my heart through me onto paper. And I truely it touches many reading my poems or books and booklets. It just hard to request to speak with pastor about making announcement such as this. There would be not doubt I would contribute to the church as says within the bible. I can say I have went to few churches to leave my christian business card, however, and I did bring few of my books and gift items. I belive may have went there on day they weren't there to talk with him directly.
My experience at my church has been somewhat subtle. I sent my church friends an email when my book came out and then I brought the book to church once, along with some flyers with my web for ordering on them, to show it to folks there, some were interested, some not, the pastor has been the most encouraging as he announced its release from the pulpit. The church could benefit from promoting our work, our tithes would increase and the church would be blessed. I am praying about asking the pastor if I can have a book signing some day after service. If it is His will that is the next step I will take at church, until than, I will sit and wait and on the Lord.
Blessings to you Feon,
In Him,

I pray it works out. I also would love few book offers myself from my church. Majority of my church members kin and I belive it has some baring as well. Some I don't feel are book bound so speak. Yet, I know some that might be new to the church that may be perhaps. I working forward to going to churches in another county when I go out town to shop also. I will try to leave mail order form as you did along with my business card. Even half tape to the door, if that appropiate.

I was thinking offering 10% as it say in the bible to the my church, and automatic a free gift is with each book whom every buys one. What think of including a another book half the cost maybe for every purchase.?
I wanted your respond before considering this. Also, I am keeping mind I half to take what money from the sales to print them out myself. And assemble myself as well. Unless, its I have over the amount I can't assemble I will half to go to staples to have them do them. However, going to staple would goes extra do to materail on both sides.
The support often comes in the form of allowing you a forum, such as giving a talk or publicly acknowledging you as the author of a given title, but few will actively advocate on your behalf.


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