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Hey everyone, I just started another blog for bookmarketing purposes. As many of you are aware, one of the big things in getting your website ranked in google is to have links pointing to it. Blogs are one of the best ways to do this since they don't have the "no follow" tag embedded in them like most social networking sites do.

The blog I set up is free for anyone. I will post your book, give you links to your webpage, and it will be syndicated so the potential for you to get more than a few links out of this are pretty good (i.e., viral marketing). The way that I'm envisioning this is I will post one book per day, each on their own unique page with whatever information you send me. Each post will have links to your author page, publisher, book page, and any other pages that you want me to point to. This should turn out to be a great way to build links and get you ranked higher in searches for certain keywords (moreso than social network sites that show up under searchers but don't contribute to ranking because of the "no follow" tag).

If you want to add a link to this new "service" to help promote it, great, it can only really benefit you and your books. I set up the first demo page just to see what I am talking about.

The website is: Great New Books.

Web address is:

Let me know, I can also add other features. Send me a picture of your cover and whatever you want me to post at



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What a great idea Peter. Thank you for sharing it with everybody.


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