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Time spent writing vs. time spent marketing, etc.

I was just wondering how much time everyone actually spends working on your "real" writing projects--books, articles, poetry, etc.

How much time do you spend on marketing? On research? On replying to forums like this?

Just wondering . . . .

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I have found that since my book was released in June, I have had no time for my writing. My novel sits waiting for me to finish, my other book's for my children series need my attention. Most of my time is spent promoting my book. Promotion is the key to our success as writers so I believe it will be worth every moment it takes. Creating and exposing our book and our name, everywhere we can find on the internet is time consuming, but a most most effective method. Physically promoting it public locations also take a lot of time and preparation. I haven't moved into that yet, but I am approaching it soon. As we learn effective ways of promotion and we learn all the in's and outs, it will make it much easier to promote our future work. We can't grow weary, if we work hard it will be worth it.


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