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I get mail from so many on my friends list. I know they are NOT sending them out one by one. I've asked one how she does it and I think she's missed a few steps in the process. I've got the "friends", now how do I send out a blast? (no fears, they'll be short and rare. :)

Thank you!


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Yes, please tell us the secret to "blasts". I am curious too!
I found it! I found it! I found it!!!! *does happy dance*

Up on the top left you've got a little letter looking button. Hit that. Under "sent" it says "Address book". Click on that. On the right you'll see a list of your "friends" and at the bottom it says "delete/compose". Hit "compose". Also have to click "click all" or something.

Lemme know if that works for ya. :)

Thank Bradley.

I was just looking for how to get one out here when I've got a new Book Crawler interview out since I'm interviewing so many authors from this site. I'm also interviewing a publicist next week who will have a lot of information on what authors can do to publicize themselves. I think it's good information and with so much stuff out there, how will they know when to check in otherwise?

Thank you for your insight. :)

Hi Bradley,

Umm, I did find it as I said in my second post.

You can hear all my interviews here: We're working on the lastest one now. I'll also be updating the lil players on my profile here as well.

Thank you for asking.

Me again... okay, I clearly have to go on your site and see who "Revvell" is! In just reading about interviews, this is one area that I am in the beginning learning stages. I have a folder from CBC Canada and am about to learn how to rent radio space.
IF you have any interest in interviewing, I would love you to have a walk through my site and let me know if I fit into the scheme of your genres, etc.

And again...THANKS!!

Thanks for sharing with us how to do a blast---some of us are still learning how to navigate this site.
I'm one of them. LOL


Thank you! I appreciate you listening and commenting. I'm having total blast reading the wonderful books people are sending. It's been a pleasure to "meet" and interview those I have so far. New one coming up with Stephanie Ehman this week about sponsoring a Katrina family. What a story!!!!

Thank you again Bradley!!!! I appreciate your taking your time to listen AND comment.

I'd love to know more about your book.


Hi Rewell -- I'm curious if you have found the answer! I have a "promotion" for a wonderful famous and kind writer to help--for free-up & coming writers and would like the world of this blog to know about him. I have no idea how to let the writers on this site know or how to link.... if YOU hear, will you pass it on to ME? I don't think any of us will abuse it -- that's just not fun!
Cheers and good fortune...

Look at my second post here please. I don't know if I explained it well enough but I did find it.

*whispers* btw ~ My name is spelled with two "v's", not a "w". :D

"whispers" back to you --- "Oops...sorry ReVVell"!! Nothing like getting a name wrong, especially when first "meeting"...thanks!

I've just seen the second post and I shall give it a whirl!

Thanks Samadhi. Let me know how it goes for you... so I'll know I've got it corret. :)


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