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I've gotten some really good reviews of my ebooks from online reviewers. Do any of you think such reviews influence people to purchase a book?

My latest review is for my recent western romance THE ABDUCTION OF MISS JENNY CHANDLER. It's from The Romance Studio at

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Hi Teri,
I think these kinds of reviews can be very helpful. Getting be to buy an ebook can be such a challenge, considering how old school some people are these days.

Any review whether it is online or in print is a good thing. It brings exposure to your writing. The more exposure you have the better you are. Book reviews help people to get opinions from others before they decide to buy a book. People want to know if others think it is worthwhile to purchase a book. A good review can be another step on the road to a person deciding to buy a book.
No question. Any review is a good review.
Let's see, which is better?

1-Book review
2-No review

I'll take #1.



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