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Does anyone want to do a swap on Amazon tags? I'll tag your book(s) with the tags you want if you will tag mine ;) Let me know... it would be nice to help each of us out. My email is at the bottom of my profile page....


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Ok, I know I am dense about most of this stuff, but... What are Amazon tags?
Amazon uses a variety of methods to help in search results and to bring books up that browsers might be interested in. Tags are one such method. You can "tag" a product with whatever you think it should be tagged with, and Amazon will use this to help sort search results. For example, if you write a book on Vegetarian Cooking, Amazon will bring it up under cooking, the title, and vegetarian. However, you can also have Amazon bring it up if it is tagged with "diet", "alternative food," "recipies," etc. Whatever you feel it should also be brought up under in the search results. It is similar to keywords on a webpage.

Hope this helps... there are many other methods that one can use to help Amazon bring your book up under various search parameters.
Yes, it did help, Peter. Thank you so much for explaining it.
There is another reason for adding tags - because my book 'Their Cancer - Your Journey' has the word cancer in the title it does come up on a search on cancer - but because there are so many with many more sales than mine it is pages down and no-one is likely to see it that way. But if you are looking at the page of any book you have searched for that way some way down the page there is a section that says 'Looking for cancer products?' and shows a half-dozen books - those shown seem to be completely determined by the number of customers that have tagged the book as relating to cancer. The last one shown in my category on has 18 tags, so this is my target to beat to make my book visible - I currently have 8. So I would also love to swap tags with anyone who is interested. In the UK I only had to get 4 to be second on the list, and my Amazon rank has gone up considerably since doing this.

I will email you, Peter, as I was just about to add a thread just like this!


Anne Orchard
Author 'Their Cancer - Your Journey'
Hi Anne,
I am interested in swapping tags. Amazon is great if you can get you book noticed. I have written your book info down and am going to amazon now. My book info is...

The Truth Lies in the Dark by Kristin Callender

Here is the link that you can cut and paste to get right to my page..

Thanks Kristin!

I've tagged your book, too. If anyone else wants to join in, my book link is

This is great, glad to see some members jumping on this mutually beneficial promo. I've just tagged both Anne's and Kristin's books. This should help a little. I'd appreciate it if anyone wants to tag my two:

Thanks again. If anyone wants to join in, I'm still willing to trade tags.


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