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I was wondering what everyone writes? Do you have a specific genre?

If I created an interview page to promote our work on MySpace, would you be willing to participate?

Let me know
Hugs from Florida

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Tiva san, greetings. i have written an erotic, ethnographic memoir, eighty pages of which i have posted on myspace/blackpassenger. if i get no responses from agents and publisher by next january, im gonna self-publish through lulu. speaking about which, how was your experience with them?

take care.
LuLu is ok but the quality of the book covers isn't all that great. I only used them because I heard about them from some friends who used them. They aren't bad, really and the price is right. But it's a bit harder to get into a book store to sell your books. Agents are harder to get than a traditional royalty paying publisher. And for a first time writer, next to impossible. Just make sure you create an awesome pitch when you submit your book proposal to an agent or publisher. Keep trying and never give up.

Good luck
so are you saying, agents are harder to get if I were to publish through lulu, or are saying, it is more difficult to get an agent than to get a 'traditional royalty paying publisher? are you also saying its next to impossible for a first time writer to get an agent or publisher? i dont quite understand.
Agents are very hard to find for a beginning, not established author. And I am told that it's harder for self published authors as well. A good friend and very successful author I know gave me the name of her agent. I sent the agent a very well written pitch page, told her about all my books and she sent me a letter back saying no thanks. My author friend told me that no one would even look at her until after she published her 10th book with a traditional publisher. This author has won awards for her work too. Only after all that did she acquire an agent. Now my friend bangs out books every 6 months.

The way I feel is that there is an agent out there willing to take the chance on a first time or beginning author. It's just finding him/her that's the hard part. The best thing you can do is get a listing of all of them, type up your pitch page, make it something that will grab them, then mail it out to every one of them. And never give up.

Writing the book is the easy part, marketing it and making money off your work is the hard part. You can even try and contact authors who write in your genre and ask them if they would be willing to tell you who their agent is. If they divulge that information, then you may get a better chance.

I hope I explained it better to you. Good luck
Hello, Tiva

I am currently preparing my book for Lightning Source. I have pre-publication books I have sold. Official publication won't be til March (4 month leeway). Anyway, I don't know that much about what you are doing. I would be willing to participate, however, if you are willing to work with a newbie.

The name of my book is "Life is Like Making Chocolate Chip Cookies" and it is labeled Motivational/Self-Help/Spiritual . Guess that is the genre.

I also have a workbook I am collaborating on for the above mentioned book, a fiction book, a relationship book, and another book similar to "Life is Like....".

Does that help?
I would love to have you. I am in the process of creating the interview questions and will get back to you then. We were all newbies at one time or another. I believe in helping and spreading the word about fellow authors. I might even interview myself too! LOL!

Have a great weekend
Hugs from Florida
I am looking forward to it, Tiva! I agree about helping fellow authors. Up to now I have been on the receiving end and would love to give back to the people on this site. Just let me know when you are ready for me.

You have a good weekend as well!!!!
Hugs and blessings
I write mostly nonfiction. My two books are: American Indian mtDNA, Y Chromosome Data, and the Peopling of North..., and Respect for the Ancestors: American Indian Cultural Affiliation in .... Yes, kinda dry and academic, but that is my background. I am currently working on a book on shamanism in North America, due out next spring.

As for putting your writing on MySpace, I would caution against this. The industry usually considers this as being "published" even if it is not in print. So, if you put your book up in electronic format on MySpace or some other site, it is considered published and will not be picked up. You can put parts of your work up with no problem, just not the complete work.

I'd love to participate on an "interview page" on MySpace. I agree, anything we can do to help each other out is key. Let me/us know what you decide and how you envision it working.


Director and Editor: Bauu Institute and Press
Publisher: New Great Books Blog
Editor: Indigenous Issues Today
Thanks for the heads up about MySpace, Peter. When you say parts of your work are you talking about excerpts or chapters or something else? Thanks!
I am going to butt in on this one...

As a publisher for both mainstream and not quite so mainstream fiction and non fiction, I always do several searches on the internet when I receive a submission package or even a query from a new author. If, when searching, I find copious amounts of the submitted work already published online, I send a polite but firm rejection.

It makes no sense for a publisher to invest in the work if a large portion is available, has been available, on the internet for free. Besides the obvious expenses of printing, cover art, editing fees, marketing, distribution, etc. that publishers fork out, the time, effort and possibly missing out on a manuscript more marketable because there just isn't time to 'do' it, we have to also consider the ROI, Return on Investment, or lack thereof.

Sure, there is really no way to tell which of the wonderful manuscripts could turn into 'the one', but why even take a chance on something everyone and their brother has already seen and read?

Oh, boy, sorry for rambling, I think I will go have another cup of coffee and watch the original Parent Trap on TV. I ADORE Hayley Mills, lol.

Kimberlee Williams
Caged Heart/Vanilla Heart Publishing
That makes perfect sense to me, Kimberlee! I try not to put any of my book on the net unless it is a promotional blurb/excerpt. I have put a whole chapter in a MSN group only to help people and for them to see what the book is about. I feel that I need to separate my articles from the chapters in any book I may write. Someday I may be able to pull the articles together and write a book with just them. I have a tendency not to give too much of my book "up" even tho it is non-fiction.

Thanks for your post!
I would never put my work or part of it on myspace. I only meant the interviews as a way to help promote authors and their books. Trust me when i say I know there are people out there who will try and steal your stuff, no matter where you put it.

I just like helping people and getting the word out. It makes me feel good inside and I love learning about people. Not to mention I have great respect and admiration for American Indians.
have a great day


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