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Thought I would say hello, im a first time author who writes about social network marketing (Mostly Myspace). This seems like ideal place for me :)

I also have a few ning networks as well.

My book is coming out later this year from Que publishing, im very excited. Wish me luck :)

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Well that is exciting -- good for you! I truly wish you the very best and look forward in seeing your book! Try to get to know and take advantage of some of the pros knowledge on this site to create further momentum for yourself; there are a few good idea people within this ning.
Thank you.

No tour plans as of yet
Hey, Socialham...some of us are just learning, even just contemplating,
entering the social networks (such as Myspace) and could use any info
and advice you might have. to use the experience as a
marketing vehicle.


Good luck for your book! Before my book was published I thought that the work is done once the book is out. But.... it was not so. The work begun, the marketing work.

My book has not sold a lot outside of Finland but to over 40 countries anyway, thanks to
Networking is the most powerful tool to spread the word about any product but it requires a lot of time and effort and a certain attitude of win+win(+win)... I must write a blog here about that!

all the best


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