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During today's Virtual Book Tour blog stop at Inspired Author, I answered the following question: “How do you decide on the topic [for your books]?”

Answer: “Wow, that’s a tough one. With me, each book is different. My first book, The Jaguar Legacy, is a paranormal romantic suspense that gives voice to my belief in reincarnation. Triggered by the energy of the archaeological dig, my heroine makes the unnerving discovery that in her past life, she had been an Olmec High Priestess, trained to kill at an early age, and thirsting for power. Over the last few months, it occurred to me that perhaps the past life I wrote about was one of my own. Certainly, it was the part of the book that flowed most easily, the only part that required little or no editing.”

My question to you is: Do any of you out there believe in reincarnation?

To read the entire interview, visit the Inspired Author website --

I welcome your comments, opinions, or observations, and will check in occasionally to respond. At the end of November, one lucky commenter will be chosen to receive a copy of my book as part of THE JAGUAR LEGACY, as part of my month-long Virtual Book Tour.

Maureen Fisher,
THE JAGUAR LEGACY: Strong enough for a man ... but WRITTEN for a woman

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Hi ,
Indians believe in reincarnation
but I just for fun went to a website
to see what it was I found that I will be born zebra
next life ' I got depressed and all that as I thought at least next life
I will be ahealthy and sucessful person but what is this? Anyway I am
cursing myself for visiting that website
Padma, don't curse yourself for going to that site. It was a lesson for you and lessons are always good. (Besides what you think and say you draw to you. *smile*)

Anyway, I don't believe we know ahead of time what we will incarnate as if we are still on this plane. We don't know all of our lessons here yet or the consequences of them. So how could anyone know how we will reincarnate? I believe that after we review our life here and add it to the past lives that we then decide how we want to reincarnate and what lessons we want to learn. jmho

Blessings from my spirit to your spirit!
I agree with all my heart.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe that when we pass we do a review of our life we just left. We take that knowledge and the knowledge from other 'past' lives and decide if we want to come back, or if we want to stay and work on issues there. I also believe that we don't always keep coming back. Sometimes, I believe, there is a lull between the lives. Why? Because of the review and the decision to return or not.

Blessings from my spirit to your spirit!
I believe :0)

My belief in detail . . . we arrive on this plane with intent of learning specific lessons of light and a set departure date. Sorta like a To Do list with a deadline. These "lessons" give us the most resistance in our lives pushing us pass the limits of our comfort zone- granting spiritual growth.
Once our check-out date arrive, pencils down, that's all she wrote. Back home we reflect on a life-in-review "movie" where we witness and experience the effect of every act we've committted on the Earth Plane. Afterwards, we sit down with a counselor and decide which lessons we're going to work on and when . . . temple selection is also a must.
Well rested and relax we make our way back down to Earth more evolved and more capable of contibuting to mankind. We don't go backward as the universe is all about elvoution . . . so there is no way a human can come back as a Zebra unless you're speaking symbolically. :)

-May you stay safe and protected
Hi Maureen,

Your question, “Do any of you out there believe in reincarnation?” caught my attention. ;o)

Jaguar Legacy sounds like and interesting read. I can understand how a character comes through so clearly and with the greatest of ease. That’s because I’ve experienced the same sensation when writing. Personality aspects, emotions and experiences simply flow. The story literally writes itself when we allow it to occur freely.

I have found the opposite can also hold true. Writing a difficult character may be a means of working past life issues to new resolution. Great things can come out of adversity. It wasn’t until I encountered a character that became lost within her own realm when fear of her magical gifts created soul suffering made me realize this.
Each challenge has helped me grow as a writer. I am grateful the opportunity. ;o)

Thank you for posting this thought provoking question.

w/a Aithne Jarretta
An interesting perspective. I had never thought about a difficult character being a way of working out past life issues. Must give this more thought.


It's a recent revelation for me, too. I'm still learning new things everyday. ;o)

w/a Aithne Jarretta
Yes, I deal with reincarnation and karma in my novel The Return. A yoga teacher hears from her dead mother through the computer, and learns that on the Other Side there are (in this novel) spiritual therapy groups. Her murderer also comes through and there is an attempt at reconciliation and forgiveness. Go to The Return at I would love to have readers give me some feedback.

Reincarnation is the only thing that makes sense to me. There are too many experiences that we can go through, so we need many lives to do that. And yes, each life has lessons for us, and we grow (or not) as we choose how to deal with each life. But there are helpers always. Advanced souls whom we can contact. And various religions make this known. Paramahansa Yogananda is the one I follow, through his Self-Realization Fellowship church. Margaret Guthrie


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