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Is there anyone here who is a PA author and is very unhappy with the publishing company? And if there is, would you explain why?

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Hey, thanks for that, I want to say that I have never had a real problem with PA either. And I have three books published by them including my latest, Derrrick Sweat Midwest Deep Freeze. I'm really glad to hear you say that. My only problem with PA is that I wish they would send more author copies to its writers. You are right, if not for Publish America my novels would still be in the computer. They gave me a chance when no one else would. And I'm a good writer as I'm sure you are. Or maybe I just didn't think of some those others were right for me. However, like you, I'm may have to move on and see what else is out there.
Hey, thanks for that and I will keep in touch. Thanks for wanting to be a friend. I'm actually working on two different manuscripts. Lot's of work. Talk to you soon. Thanks.
I have done extensive research on PA because I was thinking about publishing with them. From what I can tell, all of the bad talk seems to be coming from the same 4 or 5 authors. Sometimes the few can yell louder than the many. Out of all the clients that PA has, surely there is bound to be a few unhappy customers. We seldom get to hear from the satisfied ones. I guess they are too busy promoting their work and writing their next book.

Getting a book out into the world is more than any author can ask for. After it is out there, we as authors as the monumental job of letting everyone know where to find it. Most publishers will do little to to push a book. That job belongs to the author. I know of the things PA could do better, but what publisher couldn't do better for its writers? I agree that PA is a good place to start.
The price of my book is $21.95. Far too hire, I agree. That makes it very hard to sell the book, for a guy like me who isn't a publicist or any kind of salesman. I asked for it to be sold at a more reasonable rate - but lost. I looked around, however, and discovered that many self-publishing houses also price their books at about that same rate. More standard publishers sell at a lower rate - being a lot more choosy makes that possible, I guess.

I recently asked about my book being made available on Amazon’s Kindle program. I thought I’d get a refusal because Kindle makes full length novels available at $9.99 for starters, not to mention Amazon’s cut. But surprisingly, PA wrote back and said they were sending me a Contract Amendment, giving me back the rights to publish an electronic version of the book. I was surprised, to say the least. I received the letter of amendment in the mail in just a few days removing PA from all rights to publish the book by electonic means. Now I have full electronic rights to my book and can publish with Kindle or any ebook firm that will do so if I so please, and those rights are all mine. Good deal, no? Or at least better.
Hi George,

I was going to us PA until they sent me an email, this is what they sent:

PA: Good morning! The only way we can proceed with publication is if the poems in question were removed from the websites you posted them on. We do not publish any material that has been previously published, and this includes the Internet.Our contracts hold the print rights to the material within your manuscript, and an issue can arise if the material is already published elsewhere, with possible contracting and legal issues, etc. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, and have a great day!

Currently, we have a book in production by the same or similar title. Out of courtesy to both you and the other Author, I ask that you change the title of your work.

Don't get me wrong, I understand about the title thing and even though my title says so much about the material in my book, I would have considered changing the title if the didn't talk about taking down everything I already had on the internet and holding the print rights to my work. But, there are some people who are satisfied with them.
I'm not a PA author, but for what I hear about PA selling authors their own books at a discount price so authors can sell them outside of the house I think that is a major scam. As well as PA not marketing their authors or having a budget to do so, having the author do all the leg work, that is a problem.

Do it the right way get a lit agent, forget all these POD publishers if your looking to be a successful writer.
One must wonder why Mr. Wright published with Published america if he feels they are such a scam.
He said he is not a PA Author, that is why he does not know anything about PA.
If you check his various profiles, you will find that Mr. Wright lists Publish America as his publisher. Furthermore, where does Mr. Wright say he doesn't know anything about PA? Also, Mr. Wright, who incredibly claims to be world famous and the winner of countless literary awards, has never been published by a respected publishing company. Finally, Mr. Wright seems unable to put a grammatically correct sentence together.
Kevin B Wright on November 6, 2008 at 10:27pm
I'm not a PA author, but for what I hear about PA selling authors their own books at a discount price so authors can sell them outside of the house I think that is a major scam. As well as PA not marketing their authors or having a budget to do so, having the author do all the leg work, that is a problem.

He said he is not a PA Author, and he lists PA as his publisher?
Yes, he says he is not a PA author, and he lists PA as his publishing company. He has also listed Lightning Source, which is a printing company, as his publisher. In fact, Mr. Wright's writing is astonishingly poor. In fact, this "world famous" poet who has won "countless" literary awards would get a failing grade from a middle school English teacher.


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