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Authors Who Start Their Own Publishing Houses

I'd like to hear from author's who have started their own independent presses...and publish other writers' works in addition to their own. Please share the up and the downside.

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I started Itoh Press this spring in an effort to not only share my knowledge with other writers but to return to the business end of publishing. I worked for many years in business and loved the organization and production part of it. Starting my own small press has allowed me to return to the work I do so well. I enjoyed writing but not the limited interaction of my publishers. So with Itoh Press I work more closely with the author helping them to make their book a success. My authors know they are free to call me on the phone anytime and discuss ideas, marketing, and life in general. I am available to them so they are more confident and invested in promoting and marketing their work. However, they know they are not alone in this. We, the author and publisher, work as a team to bring their vision to fruition. 

The only downside is I now have little time to write. The upside is helping others and the satisfaction of watching their dreams come true.

Carol Itoh

I started my own publishing company when I published North Country Cache, and have thought a lot about publishing books from other authors, although I haven't done it yet. This topic interests me too, although I see it hasn't had many responses.


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