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If I have written the book in 2007 and I have the printed book in 2007, but... the publication date is 2008, what date is the book actually considered copyrighted? You have to send them one when you get your book printed which would be Dec of 2007.

Thanks for the help!

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Based on what I know I believe publication date is just that the publication date. The copyright date is the date the book was created, in this case 2007. The published date (year) and the copyright date the book was completed would be the same if they are both in the same year.
Thanks, Dennis. I assumed that the copyright would be when the book was completed, not when it was actually printed or published. My published date question is because I have been asked when is the publication date. I know it needs to be at least 3 months from print date for reviewers. Is that considered the street date as well? Or is the publication date and the street date different?

I figured I can put copyright 2007 on the copyright page even tho the publication date is in April, right?

Thanks for the input!
I believe the publication date and the street date is the same.
Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question, Dennis.
Actually, the copyright date is the year the copyright is filed. If y our book is scheduled to come out mid-October through December, don;t file your copyright until January then you can use the latest year. Your work is protected once it is committed to the page. Plus, when you file a copyright you need to send two copies of the ompleted wirk with the application and payment. The copies are then filed in the Library of Congress.
Well, my copy went to the printer today. I have it on the copyright page as 2007. So now I am committed to that, right? As I have also sold some pre-publication copies. The actual publishing date isn't til April 2008. Guess the question is mute on this book. *sigh* But need the knowledge for future ventures.

Thanks, Rita! I appreciate you addressing my question.
Susie, if you need some professional guidance through this process contact me via my web site I was a VP of publishing in the 1980s and and helped several companies form a publishing company. I work quite reasonably with authors who wish to form their own pubco's because i believe it is a smarter way to go than to publish through PA or other POD-type publishing services. - Rita
Thanks, Rita, I will check it out!


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