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List your published materails.
Example: journalism, poetry, fiction stories, short stories, creative essays, childrens writings.

All of this helps someone with submitting too, especially to magazines, newspapers, newsletters, online now days. Include the link if any.

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WORTHFINDING.COM~ featured my poem entitled "Lord Free Me"
The SISTHAHS MINISTRY E-Newsletter ~ Entitled Poem: "Manifested My Soul “February Issue 2007
Lets Talk Honestly Will feature Live Commercial of In The Arms of God on following date: 06/17/07
Two Christian poem featured @ click (Poets United For Christ) click Feon Davis to read
The BLESSED ROOM MAGAZINE ~ Featured my Submitted Christian Poems Entitled " Redeemer of The Broken , Address His Word Entitled Christian Poem "Lord Jesus Free Me" featured @
Many Ways God Love Featured
Featured Christian Poems Entitled " Address His Word" & "Redeemer of The Broken" @ The Blessed Room Magazine
Words for the Week Christian Podcast: Lori Arriaga of Christian Womens Resources bringing you a poem by Feon Davis Available Today! March/April Issue
Joyce Lock is my first client of "Golden Words", She has linked my banner as well an banner specialized Designed.
" Restoration, Revival, Resurrection @ My Entitled Poem " For The Love of God" (available to Read within their Free PDF FILE)
Breakwater Newspaper 95-96 ISSUE & Paper Wings 95-96 ISSUE
"Think Tank" Newsletter of Tangerine Sky Productions -2006 ISSUE
The Visual Messenger by Roo Palmer-2006 ISSUE
Featured @ Sistah's and Brotha's Sharing book club 2006
Inspiration Station Christian Magazine for Children - "Blessed Child","Christmas Time" issue of 2006
Sisters In The Lord Magazine Sept 05 Interviewed by The Kevin Scott Collier
Poem entitled " Love Me Heart & Soul My Black Man " @ www.
Featured " His Words Through My Spirit "today! @ under Black Authors
L.E.E. Design- - Poetry Corner: Writer In The Sky News letter- Entitled Poem " The Path I Walk" by Feon Davis
Entitled poem " When You Hold Me" by Feon Davis Feautred @
I have written over 80 articles on integrity which are too many to list. I recently have posted articles on There currently are over 20 articles. I usually post at least once per week. In less than 6 months I have had over 10,000 hits for my articles. I also have a published book titled Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd published by Infinity Publishing. It currently has 3 reviews posted on with five star ratings on each of them.
I am presently contributing to Ground Report Tv and
I recieve a small share in there advertisement revenue so in an average
I recieve about three dollars. In another I recieved nothing . It will be helpful if
I increase my income so anybody knows any site or publication house interested in Indian writing.
I have written lot of poems, short stories, songs , short stories and articles and some scripts
so pl suggest


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