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This is a forum to allow people to showcase the things they've done that have worked well for them in marketing their books. Please share your stories here. Then we can all read them and learn from them. If we work together, we will all be much stronger and more successful in marketing our books.

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Getting your book high in Google for the book title is great. But, alas, not that many people Google "our explosive sun." If you want results, you need to rank high for a term people are actually seeking. That's harder, but very productive.

For example, if you Google "book marketing," my website shows up first. This book marketing network shows up third. That means about 60,000 click-throughs a month. For something people are actually looking for.

I think I may have an advantage to creative marketing. I took a program at college in Multimedia Graphic Design, so I can create my own posters and ads for my novel. Although what to do with those ads ...? I'm a little stuck with ways to promote my story. Any helpful advice would be great! Thanks!

I placed posters for my book, The Ezekiel Code, on the back-seat passenger windows of my car and a 24-inch x 4-inch banner ad on the back window. Don't know how many (if any) books were sold because of this but it sure provided a lot of exposure over 3 years. I could easily imagine someone in the car behind me, grabbing their smart phone and googling the title or keying in the website URL. :-)

12/21/2012 is coming...Or is it?


That's a neat idea! Thank you!

I like that idea. Why waste that opportunity when you are driving around?

You can also do bumper stickers, car wraps, and QR code stickers.

Right, John. It's an opportunity going to waste if it's not being used. Over the 3 or 4 years that I had those on my car, the number of people who saw them must number in the thousands. I also kept business-sized promo cards and 8.5x5.5 flyers in the car, ready to hand out to anyone who inquired about the book after seeing the posters. It happened at the drive-in window at the bank, a Dairy Queen, McDonalds, and in a couple of parking lots, and so on.

I like that idea about the QR code stickers. I've been thinking about that for my latest novel, Ash: Return Of The Beast. Need to find some creative, effective way to utilize the QR code. :-)

I have a QR Code site where I plan to write more about QR codes and how they can be used creatively. Alas, have to find the time to expand the site. You can see what little I have right now at

Thanks, John. I'll stop by and have a look. :-)

Thanks! I'll have to try that idea. I've just gotten posters, so I'll have to stick one in my car.

I'm not in law enforcement, but you can get ticketed if a certain portion of your window space is blocked.

That's true. I wondered if that would happen but, not only have several police cars driven right next to me without a problem, I was also pulled over for doing 35 in a 30 and the cop gave me a warning and never even mentioned the poster that was right in front of him. The laws might be different in different states. I dunno. :-)

Yes, with different states and with different people.


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