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This is a forum to allow people to showcase the things they've done that have worked well for them in marketing their books. Please share your stories here. Then we can all read them and learn from them. If we work together, we will all be much stronger and more successful in marketing our books.

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The most sucessful way I have found to market my book is by speaking engagements. Since one of the audience's Two Princesses is senior citizen women. I do a great deal of women's clubs, women's high teas and assisted living facilities.

You have to have the right genre to do this, but many qualify. You have to keep your fees of no more than one hundred dollars, but I love it. It's fun and I always get many compliments.

I'm not giving up my day job, but then, who is?

Kevin Noa
what do you do, call up the women's clubs and ask if they'd like a speaker on the subject of your book. What kind of subjects would be of interest to these clubs. I've never thought of talking to those. I know schools and colleges have speakers in. My book is my life story, I wonder if that would be of interest to a womans club....anyone know what subjects would interest them...
You can add networking meeting and Chamber of Commerce's to this list as well.
Yes, that's exactly what you do. I've done many Rotary and Liond Clubs. You can get listing of assisted living facilites right on the web. Also, I always look in my local newspapers for events by groups.

The great thing about this that I learned; go where the crowd is already gathered. That's half the battle.

I like to write so I find that getting as many articles as possible published on related topics can give readers a good sample of my book's topic and therefore, boost book sales. I have been published in New Age Journal, Religion and and recently got a contract with iVillage. One article on Soulmate Dreams was republished in a wide variety of spiritual publications.
Be prepared to change your article length, as all publications seem to have their own criteria and guidelines. If you are interested in reading some of my articles visit my website at
Bless everyone,
Ariadne Green
author of Divine Complement and Ariadne's Book of Dreams
Some great ideas here!
What about MySpace pages? Its a great way to get infront of your target audience.
It can be a bit of a time suck though. But definitely worth doing.

I agree with Cheryl, If you don't have a website already, get one. I'll take it one-step
further and say if you don't have a blog attached to your website, add one!
What has worked for me by Lorne Epstein 8)
1. My website rocks. It cost me 1500 or so, but it rocks. I have been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune and a Womans daily because the reporters found me via google (only Lorne Epstein) and my site.
2. I tell everyone I wrote a book on how to interview. I recently drove back from NY to DC and stopped to get gas, same place as always. The pump guy recognized my licence plates (URHIRED) from the last time I was there and said "You're the interview guy!" So I gave him a copy of my book and his buddies all gathered around as I left to check it out.
3. I speak at Colleges and Universities.
4. One side of my business card is the color cover of my book. $50 for a bunch.
There maybe other forces at work that I am not aware of, but I can attribute sales of my book to these things. I am thinking of direct mail, though the cost seams high for now. I pray, but I can't tell you how many books that helps me sell. I have a myspace account, but Fallen Sky is right, it takes a good deal of time. When I am selling a few hundred a month I will come back with a better answer. Cheers everyone.
Hello Lorne,
One has mentioned speaking at Colleges and Universities. Do you charge a fee for your speaking engagement? Thank you for sharing your information. May you live and laugh for many decades. I hope all the success in the world to you. Lisa
I don't know about the one who posted yet I know speaker, James Malinchak, who makes GREAT money speaking at Colleges and Universities. They've got the budget and are always looking for speakers. I'd like to find out who to contact.

Thanks all for all your input here.

I started my own publishing company, and joined PMA, SPAN and SPAWN. PMA has helped me the most, it's a fine organization and I highly recommend it. I paid for some of their marketing programs, and placed a half page ad in their magazine. I also applied for PMA's Partner Program with Baker and Taylor and Ingrams, and have been picked up by Baker and Taylor. Still waiting to hear from Ingrams. I also joined Amazon Advantage Program and have already gotten orders from them. Baker and Taylor also faxed me some orders, and when my book appears in Books for Growing Minds this month, they tell me I will get many more orders. I have also been picked up by Quality Books, they ordered 30 books. PMA's co-op advertising is very inexpensive and goes out to thousands of reviewers, bookstores and libraries.

I also have a great website by a new, young graphic art designer who happens to be my daughter. The website is: I will be doing book signings for local bookstores in my area, in Bucks County, PA. This business is hard but not impossible if you are willing to put the time and money into it.
Hi Rita,

I own an English bookstore and a small publishing company in Turkey. I have only been a member here since early August. I really find your tips and insights helpful for understanding the American scene more. Thank you for all you shared. I am learning a lot from thie site. Appreciate it. Wish you much success!

Feel free to check out my column in an English newspaper published in Turkey: ENJOY!
Online Magazines and Communitiess
Pitching a major online magazine to publish an article related to your book is a great way to get some needed publiciy. I recently sold a quiz titled: "Are You With Your True Soulmate?" to IVillage (MSNBC) for their love column and although it took several months to wrap up the contract, it is now published at: "">

Some things to consider:
1. Pitch the idea first rather than writing an article and submitting it.
2. Magazines almost never pay for an author's article, but the publicity is usually worth the effort.
3. Read the contract carefully. My experience was that the original contract they presented me with would have violated the copyright of the content of my book. You may have to give away exclusive rights to the article, but maintain rights for the general content..
4. Make sure they give you a by-line with a link your Amazon book page.
Good luck!
Ariadne Green
author of Divine Complement


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