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It's a very exciting time for me. I've just published my first book - "What To Do When You Become The Boss - How new managers become successful managers".

As a business author, it's sometimes hard to find promotional ideas that have not been done to death. I'd appreciate your thoughts and advice. So far I've arranged a book launch (sponsored); reviews (41); listing on various websites (I'd appreciate advice on good sites for business books). As the book is designed for people moving into their first management/supervisory role, generally from a professional/technical background, one obvious avenue is professional associations. If you are a member of such an organisation, I'd very much appreciate an introduction.

Look forward to hearing your ideas. Check out my website at Delete Comment

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Hello Padma,

Thanks for your kind offer. I will write to the Editors and let you know how I get on.

I'll keep you posted on progress and if I need help, I'll certainly call on you

Thanks once again.

Hi Bob,

Below are ideas that have worked for me:

- The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper has daily blogs and a number of them are related to the workplace. You can include your name and the title of your book at the end of your post.

- is a good place to post articles for free


This service is $99 dollars a month but you do not have to use it a long time to build a network of contacts.


Kenneth McGhee - Author

Teamwork - Moving Beyond Teambuilding Exercises
Thanks for the tips Kenneth. Much apprecioated.

I had a look at the websites you mentioned and will certainly get involved.

For your info, I also cut and pasted your book title into Amazon and got an "unable to locate" response. It wasn't untill I googled your book title that I found it on Amazon. They have the title listed as "Teamwork: Moving Beyond Teambuilding Exercises". Apparently the ":" after Teamwork instead of "-" as it is listed in your note to me, is very important. Thought this might help.

I'd be happy to review your book on Amazon if you would like to send me a copy. In return I will send you one of mine for review. If this suits, please let me know and we can exchange addresses and books. (you can see all my reviews at


Author - "What To Do When You Become The Boss"
Check out as they offer free advertising with an author spotlight and blogging of your interview.
Thanks Anastasia. I'm on holidays at the moment and will check it out next week.

Hi Bob,
Congratulations on getting your book published. You might want to join Facebook and create a group based on the principles of your book. It's another way to reach your audience.

Thanks for the tip, Julie Ann.

Kind regards

I'm on face book under
Hi Anastasia,
I'll say hi over there and friend you. Thanks. It's quite an amazing place.

Hi Bob,

I checked out your website.
When someone visits your site, they see a picture of your book. What if this were a flip-book that allows visitors to preview your book?
We've got a simple little tool called BookBuzzr that creates a flip book out of your book extract. You can check out a sample on In addition, your fans and friends can carry your book-extract on their blogs, websites or Facebook profiles by using the Share button on our widget. They can also broadcast information about your book to over 60 different social networks and bookmarking sites (such as LinkedIn, Reddit or Slashdot) with the click of a button.
Hope this helps.


Vikram Narayan
Hello Vikram,

Thanks for the tip. A great site. I have added my details, but was unable to download the book. Tried two pdf versions, but neither worked. Any ideas?


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