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If you ever wanted a glimpse into the world of film making, if you every wanted to see the entire process from screenplay to production to film, here is a rare opportunity to do so. For a limited time, I am offering to all purchasers of the novel September Dawn an unprecedented look at the film world. Send me proof of purchase of my book and I will email you a pdf file of the screenplay and the double blue one line schedule. What is the double blue one line? It is a daily shooting schedule for the movie. Further, if you buy the DVD on January 1st, you will have it all. For just the purchase of September Dawn the novel, receive materials never before seen by the general public. If you are in film school or thinking of taking film classes, you won't want to miss this opportunity to get a glimpse into how the process works. For those who are just curious, it is a great look at the world of motion pictures. Get the DVD and you will have the complete picture. However, I need the proof of purchase of the book only as Sony does the DVD. Carole Whang Schutter

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