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Can someone please point us in the right direction

Hello, yesterday Hugh My Husband had his first book signing. What a complete wast of our time. I felt like screaming out in the shop . We went self publishing and have lost so much money . I know that we have to try things out but we are learning. The sad thing is that Hugh has got another childrens book in the pipeline, but we cant afford to self publish again.If anyone lives in the uk and has gone self publishing I would like to hear your views on this. This wednesday Hugh will be on southern counties radio at 16.45 pm and they have got a guest speaker, from Random house. so we are keeping things crossed that this will help us even more.Regards AmandaHarrison

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Hi Jill,

You might want to contact Kim as a friend. She is thinking about doing book reviews. She helped with editing my fictional novel, The Final War and 3001 which will be out in late spring. She has a six year old daughter and is a stay at home mom now. She is also an artist and a great illustrator for children's books. She's in the network here.
Hello...I don't live in the UK, but I am a newly self published author, and have had to market myself.....I have had two successful book signings that I set up and sold out of my books each time....The second one I sold out in 2 hours and was planning on being there for 6....One thing I do is set up near the front door of the store (a busy one)...I talk to everyone that comes in....There are a few other tips I'd love to share...I do feel self publishing takes alot of work...But I believe it can be very succesful for you...If you'd like to contact me...Please visit my website and leave me a note...I would be happy to offer any input I can....Best wishes 2 u.....Sophia
Tell Hugh to hang in there. And you too! My first book signing nearly nine years ago was dreadful. It was a POD book, as all of mine have been. The store manager ordered a hundred copies, advertised heavily. I did radio interviews. There was a story in the local paper. The day of the signing I sold four copies. I agreed to buy back 75 copies at cost to sell myself. The store kept the rest. My wife and four kids were there. They all felt terrible for me. When it was over, as I carried the box of books to our car, my wife and I looked at each other and could not stop laughing.
This may help a bit.
Hello, Thank-you for this. But now we are in the uk having the credit crunch, things are even more nasty out here. Hugh, is writing an adult book on all sorts of things, but will hopefully ask his family to help him proof read it and then hopefully get a publisher when things improve. Thank-you again regards amandah

May I first say, cute looking book. My daughter would love the book...she loves any books about animals. There are many questions here I would like to ask before I will jump on the bandwagon to stomp on self publishing as a whole.
I do some clients who have self published and some have been better stories and some not so good. Please let us know what questions you are looking for so we can help better. For instance, are you looking for another self publishing company? Are you looking for help in marketing the book locally? or how about online?

I would like to offer your husband a guest spot on my internet radio show starting in March and he could talk about this book and the follow up.

P.S. Have you read John's book? Great book for ideas on marketing your book.


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Hello Amanda,

I'm the founder-CEO of - a site where we provide a free, online book marketing technology for authors. The technology is called BookBuzzr. The idea is that an author can allow visitors to his / her blog or Facebook profile to immediately sample the author's book-extract and share the book-extract with others. We provide one-click connect to over 60 social networking sites and book-marking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Delicious, Digg and more. Perhaps this BookBuzzr tool can help Hugh ...

Good luck!

Look into joining local authors guilds and participate with them. As a collective, they have even more resources and connections and are more than willing to help (at least that's been my experience). Self publishing is designed to BE affordable - not cost so much the author can't repeat the process again and again!
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I am a publisher in the US and I am curious about where your event was, exactly how it was promoted, and what went on during the event. Also, time of day, location of venue, those kinds of things. I have some authors who have horrible events, but I have others who do really well, as in 40-60 books per event.

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Way too cool.

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