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Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. I joined a while back but did not have the time to be active. Two months ago, my first child Robbie was born and he occupied us and took all of our time but now he start to behave and is allowing us to sleep for 6 hours. I am sure many of you went through the process.

So My name is Joseph Ghabi. I am a Numerologist, speaker, healer and first time author. My book went through many transformation and now should be available soon. The title of my book is "The Journey of Your Soul" and the workbook title "The Blueprint of Your Soul". The book is about the transformation of a soul from a non-physical, into your physical today going through your experiences in life and what those experiences should mean to you and how you can transform your life and heal the childhood experiences and move into a better prospective life until death and back into the spiritual side.

The workbook will touch on Numerology as a tool to identify the blueprint of your soul. Also emphasize where people usual are stuck in their life and become stagnant, lost or whatever the case of each one of us.

So that is in nutshell my first book.

Also I opened The Free Spirit Centre, a community centre devoted to personal growth, soul growth and healing where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.

Also The Free Spirit Centre UK, a community centre devoted to personal development, women issues, and the after life where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.

You can check my Numerology site and where you can find all my articles at

I invite every author here to post your articles, bio and picture on both sites to bring you more visibility. Please post articles on the subject available on the sites. Do not post same articles on both sites please. Let me know when you post your article so I look at it and approve it.

In light!

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