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For me, and I'm speaking just for myself. I really enjoy inventing every piece of the puzzle in a work of fiction. I love it. Every writer is different. No one writer thinks the same. What works for him may not work for her in terms of how to put a story together. Fiction for me is not work. It really is fun. Non-fiction is work, there is mountains of research that goes into every page. Inventing colorful characters are a breeze for me.

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I like non-fiction. I enjoy writing on various topics. I have a current book titled Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition. Some of the book and comments was based on my experiences in the job I had for 35 years while others were a result of what I saw and experienced. The rest of the book involved some research but I enjoy doing that and this is why I write non-fiction. My next book is on the topic of auditing and I have been a certified quality auditor for over 15 years. In the book I can relate to various experiences I encountered during the audits that I did and I think it will be my best work yet. Some of the book did involve research but I also learned something in the process. I always learn something when I write a non-fiction topic and I try to learn something everyday.
I think we all learn something every day, as this is what life is about and ultimately why we are here - it may not necessarily be factual information, but is usually more to do with finding out about ourselves. This is why I love the topics that I write about - spirituality, religion and philosophy - for these are the topics that make us think and question the most.

The reason then that I write non fiction is not only to make people think, but also to make people question the beleifs they were brought up with. I guess some fiction can also this, but that type of writing has never come naturally to me - maybe it's the scientific genes that come from my dad's side of the family - who knows ?


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